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Give Wings to Your Career as a Tableau Developer

Tableau leverages the power to the enterprise management to see and understand data with utmost robustness and scalability and help in taking the right business decisions. For this reason, global organizations and the entire Business Intelligence industry hugely rely on Tableau developers. Now, who are they, what roles and responsibilities do they execute, what skills you need to acquire to become one? How Tableau training can help you achieve your career goal? The article walks you through all this and much more.

Who is a Tableau Developer?

A Tableau Developer is the one who develops data visualization solutions to augment business processes. The role requires you to work with co-developers, create tableau dashboard reports, generate BI and visualization reports, take feedbacks and improve systems. The job is ideal for those who have strong business acumen, vast knowledge of mathematics and statistics fundamentals and exemplary data warehousing skills.

What are the responsibilities of a Tableau Developer?

  • Building Data Analytics Solutions: A Tableau Developer is entrusted with the core responsibility of devising technical solutions based on the enterprise needs. Translating business requirements and finding innovative solutions to it is the primary role of a proficient Tableau developer.

  • Testing: Querying databases, identifying issues and conducting tests to troubleshoot them forms an ongoing process through the entire software development project.

  • OLAP: OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. All Tableau developers need to preserve and secure data for which they create tools. OLAP is the technology behind the Business Intelligence apps and software that helps analytics and developers in complex computing calculations, data modelling, making data predictions and conducting trend analysis to facilitate business decisions.

  • System Enhancement: Constantly evaluating and improving existing business systems is the critical job role of a Tableau Developer, which is expected to be executed with the utmost competency. This requires seamless collaboration with the other teams on-board such that new processes can be streamlined and workflows can be managed well.

  • Creating Technical Documentation: All completed projects if documented well can help management to draw inferences and also refer to them to overcome future project challenges effectively. Tableau Developers key responsibilities include preparing technical documentation of all successfully executed projects.

  • Forecasting:> Forecasting and storytelling are powerful features of Tableau that helps representing business data like no other BI tool. It empowers users to connect with data personally and deeply analyze it, make close forecasts with the embedded technique called exponential smoothening.

Which tools do Tableau Developers use?

  • BI technologies: Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI

  • Data Analytics Tools: ETL and OLAP

  • SQL:SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services

Why pursue a career as a Tableau Developer?

Natural language processing and machine learning-enabled data preparation are what Tableau is focused on. It is evolving with new technologies enabling futuristic approaches to view and analyze data. Soon it is going to launch hybrid data connectivity for the cloud.

These reasons would give you a clear understanding of the importance of pursuing a career as a Tableau Developer:

  • Tableau Market:Tableau is renowned to be the leader of all Business Intelligence tools and is crowned as the Best Data Analytics Tool by Gartner. They included Tableau in the Gartners magic quadrant for the 6th time in a row for its intuitive data analytics features and capabilities.

  • Tableau Job Opportunities:Along with soaring demand for Tableau experts there are exemplary rewards attached to it. Browsing top job portals such as Naukri and Indeed, you would numerous job openings for Tableau experts and developers. Tableau professionals are drawing the best salary packages in the IT industry with an average of $91,000 p.a.

  • Big Data and Tableau:Many global organizations depend on Hadoop for storing, wangling and analyzing data. Tableau seamlessly integrates with the Big Data Hadoop platform enabling users to easily identify valuable data in the expansive Hadoop datasets, without possessing knowledge of query languages and syntaxes.
  • This way Tableau expertise can help you comfortably fit into the Hadoop dependent environment.

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What skills and abilities you need to become a Tableau Developer?

A Tableau Developer should possess:

  • A Bachelors degree in Business, Computer Science, or similar field.

  • Experience in whole life cycle development of applications at the enterprise level.

  • Proficiency with SQL in large data sets.

  • Excellent analytical skills as they are needed to analyze the requirements of client or business.

  • Working knowledge of Tableau Software and project experience, such that they can solve any issue that occurs during the development stage.

  • Ability to create innovative solutions to problems within the business.

  • Self-motivation for finding solutions and improvements to systems during the phase of customer testing and prototyping.

  • Strong attention to details for spotting errors in data or coding.

  • Knowledge of Microstrategy and Data Architecture.

  • Effective written and oral communication skills.

How to acquire these skills and become a Tableau Developer?

Acquire a Certification in Tableau!!

This would not only increase your chances of getting a career jump as a Tableau Developer but also open door to a plethora of career opportunities in Data Analytics. Getting trained and certified in Tableau helps you stand out from the crowd and validates your data analytics knowledge. Achieving Tableau certification and hands-on data analysis project knowledge requires attending a formal tableau training, which is the best way to hone your data analytics skills, learn about different tools and optimize them to the best of business interest.

"Tableau training at Brillica Services not only helps you master the key data analytics skill but also helps you understand statistics fundamentals, work with relational databases, prepare data and implement visual analytics in Tableau. Looking at the high demand for Data Analytics and Tableau professionals, extensive project-based tableau training can help you make yourself best fit for the role of Tableau Developer."

Top 10 Machine Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

Machine Learning is one of the in-demand technologies preferred by most engineering students who have a knack for programming and foresee their career in AI and Machine Learning domain. For any technology, no theoretical knowledge can replace hands-on practical knowledge and that is the reason why the best IT training companies are now embracing a project-based training approach. Projects help you understand the practical implications of the learnt concepts and master it, which through books and training manual becomes quite a fantasy. Machine Learning projects familiarize you with the technology applications, real-time implementation challenges and help you explore the topics in deep and improve your applied Machine Learning Skills.

The article walks you through the most popular and engaging Machine Learning projects that can help you as beginners solidify your knowledge to the core and scale up to the next level of machine learning training and certification courses. Being the best investment that you make in carving your machine learning career, these machine learning projects will help you in learning all the practicalities that you need to succeed in your career and to make you employable in the industry.

  • Recommender Systems: Owing to the increasing demand from modern consumers for customized content, there is a strong need for machine learning students to discover how Netflix, Hotstar and Prime Video make movie and web series recommendations. One of the popular datasets available over the internet for beginners that can support in building a movie recommendation system is Movielens Dataset. This dataset includes more than 1,000,210 ratings for 4000 movies made by Movielens users, which can help you create a world-cloud visualization of movie titles to devise an effective movie recommendation system.

  • Stock Prices Predictor: This is another great machine learning project that can help data scientists and machine learning engineers to make their way to the finance field. Stock Prices Predictor system is software that analyzes a companys performance over a given period and predicts the future stock prices. Here you get to work on the granular stock prices data, volatile indices and also gain real-time experience of understanding macroeconomic and fundamental indicators that cause high fluctuations in stock prices. With shorter feedback cycles in financial markets, working on stock market data and validating the new price predictions become easy for the data scientists. Based on fundamental indicators from the companys quarterly report and analyzing 6-month price movements, you may start with a simple machine learning program and predict the new stock prices.

  • Sentiment Analyzer: Social media data generated in huge volumes through diverse platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. is of extreme importance in marketing and business branding. Mining this social media data can help in understanding public sentiments, trends and opinions. A sentiment analyser system considers different content pieces picked up from emails, tweet, social media posts through machine learning algorithms and predict further. For beginners, Twitter data is the best to start with and practice sentiment analysis machine learning use cases. The project becomes engaging with tweet contents comprising metadata, hashtags, location, users, retweets and more to help draw insightful analysis. Working with the twitter dataset will help you understand the challenges associated with social media data mining and also learn about classifiers in depth. The foremost problem that you can start working on as a beginner is to build a model to classify tweets as positive or negative.

    To access the codes and experience the challenges, drop atBrillica Services for extensive project-based machine learning training.

  • Neural Network That Reads Handwriting: Neural networks and deep learning are two emerging branches of modern artificial intelligence, which have led to major progress in image recognition, automatic text generation, and even in self-driving cars. To learn this, you need to begin with a fairly manageable dataset. The MNIST Handwritten Digit Classification Challenge is the perfect entry point. Image data is generally harder to work with than flat relational data, for this reason, The MNIST data is quite beginner-friendly. It will be challenging but not undoable as it doesnt need high computational power. Enrol now for the most desirable project-based machine learning training to master solving image recognition problems

  • Movie Success Rate Prediction System: The success rate of a movie is largely dependent on peoples perception and opinions, through word-of-mouth. In todays digital world, word-of-mouth is prevalent in the form of reviews found online. The opening day and the first few weeks following a movies release is crucial, and hence production houses place a lot of importance on moviegoers opinions and develop trailers and publicity strategies to sway public opinion. Taking this into account, the project concentrates on building a review system for predicting the success rate of a movie.

  • Credit Card Fraud Detection System: Companies that depend on credit card transactions need to find anomalies in the system, for which this credit card fraud detection model can be helpful. This project aims to use the transaction and their labels as fraud or non-fraud to detect if new transactions made from the customer are fraud or not.

  • Uber Data Analysis Project: The Uber Data Analysis project is an excellent way to learn and perform data visualization. The Uber dataset contains data about 4.5 millions of uber pickups, and the project requires you to represent this rides data in a way to help make further improvements in the business.

  • Fake News Detection Project: Distinguishing the fake news from the real ones is the ultimate goal of this Fake news detection project that can help you solidify supervised learning concepts and implement this model.

  • Housing Prices Prediction Project: House Prices Dataset consists of housing prices for different locations of a particular region. The dataset encompasses the 14 other attributes including information about house/building age, crime rate, people age etc. The objective of this machine learning project is to predict the selling price of a new home by applying basic machine learning concepts on the housing prices data. The project is appropriate for machine learning beginners to gain hands-on practice on regression concepts.

  • Wine Quality Test Project:It is known to all that older the wine, the better is the taste. However, not just age but wine quality testing and certification take in many more factors dependent on physiochemical tests to check fixed and volatile acidity, density, PH levels and more. The primary objective of this Wine Quality test project is to build a machine learning model to predict the quality of wines by exploring their various chemical properties.


The machine learning industry will continue to grow for years to come. While some people see the so-called rise of the robots as the end of the personal touch in business, the reality is quite the opposite. There are so many great machine learning projects that help companies offer a better service, effectively humanizing brands by making them more in tune with the interests of their target audience. Its not easy to develop your first machine learning project. By learning from us, you can create something great. Brillica Services Machine Learning Engineering Training and Certification courses are the first of its kind that is focused on project-based learning and come with a job assistance guarantee.

Top Data Science Tools Everyone Should Know

Data Science is amongst the most popular fields of 21st Century and nothing to wonder if I tell you that it is the key methodology behind revolutionary technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With voluminous data at the disposal of global organizations, Data Scientists need to deploy and ensure effective use of numerous data science tools to help organizations manage and analyze large structured and unstructured data sets for lending support in making strategic business decisions.

The article brings you the most popular data science tools that Data Scientists and business analysts use in their work life. First of all, you need to understand that Data Science tools can be categorized into those used by:

  • Non-Programmers
  • Programmers

Perhaps, this sighs relief to those even who do not have in-depth knowledge of programming languages. This means that Data Science is a technology that can be learnt by those who do not have an upper hand in programming capabilities.

The Data Science tools that can be used by non-programmers include:

  • Rapid Miner
  • Data Robot
  • Trifacta
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Amazon Lex and more.

On the flip side, programmers have access to an array of Data Science tools which help them create predictive models, visualize and analyze diverse data patterns in the favour of businesses. Top Data Science tools used by Data Science professionals are:

  • Tableau: Tableau is a robust Data Visualization software packed with compelling graphics making it the most interactive Data Science tool of the era. The most important aspect of Tableau is its ability to integrate data from diverse resources, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes, geographical data visualization and much more.

  • TensorFlow: TensorFlow has become a standard tool for Machine Learning and is extensively used for advanced machine learning algorithms like Deep Learning. Known for high performance and computational capabilities, TensorFlow is an open-source and ever-evolving toolkit used by programmers. It runs on both CPUs and GPUs and has recently emerged on more powerful TPU platforms, giving an unparalleled edge in terms of the processing power of advanced machine learning algorithms.

  • SAS: SAS- a popular data science tool designed for statistical operations, is used by major global enterprises to analyze data and draw insights. SAS uses base SAS programming language for performing statistical modelling. Offering expert statistical capabilities of creating a predictive and analytical model and organize data, SAS is expensive and is trusted by large industries.

  • Python: Both, a popular and a powerful programming language, Python is the perfect Data Science programming tool for developing custom algorithms used by Data Scientists in analyzing huge raw data sets efficiently. As Python is used in Data Science and back-end development, it provides a solid platform for developing machine learning models too, leveraging utmost security of the implemented tools.

For Python and Machine Learning Certification Training, drop by Brillica Services in Dehradun.

  • EXCEL: Developed by Microsoft, Excel is a popular Data Science tool used by data analysts, business intelligence experts as it features strong inbuilt capabilities of spreadsheet calculations, data processing, visualizations, complex sorting and lookup functions. Excel comes with various formulae, tables, filters, slicers, etc. You can create custom functions and complex formulas in Excel to efficiently analyze the given data. Embedded with the power of data visualization and graphs, Excel is by far an ideal choice of all Data Scientists. Seamless integration with SQL makes Excel easy to use and analyze data on the go. A lot of Data Scientists use Excel for data cleaning as it provides an interactable GUI environment to pre-process information easily.

  • R: Similar to Python but more specifically built for Data Science, R is yet another preferred programming language for Data Scientists. An authentic poll revealed that 48.5% of respondents voted it to be one of the leading data science tools. With machine learning, statistics and prominent data analytics features, data science professionals preferably use it in the enterprise environment. Some of the statistics use of R include calculating mean, median, quartiles, build hypothesis, apply data tests and explore it to the core to help management base their business decisions on it.

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  • Hadoop and Apache Spark: Specifically designed to handle and process data in batches and execute stream processing, Apache Spark is an all-powerful analytics engine that facilitates Data Scientists associated with global organizations.

It comes with many APIs that facilitate Data Scientists to make repeated access to data for Machine Learning, Storage in SQL, etc. It is an improvement over Hadoop and can perform 100 times faster than MapReduce. Spark has many Machine Learning APIs that can help Data Scientists to make impactful predictions with the given data.


We recapitulate that data scientists require a vast array of tools to draw inferences from unstructured data sets and provide support in making the right business decisions. The mentioned popular data science tools are widely being optimized for analyzing data, creating aesthetic and interactive visualizations and creating powerful predictive models using machine learning algorithms. Alongside easing complex data science functions, these data analytics tools help in implementing data science functionalities without having to write their code from scratch.

If you wish to enrol for a complete course on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Brillica services offers a uniquely curated Data Science Masters Program and Machine Learning/AI Certification course to help you gain proficient data science skills, in-depth knowledge on machine learning techniques like Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Natural Language Processing and much more. It includes training on the latest advancements and technical approaches in the field of Data Science, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and much more.

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How Brillica Services Best Summer Training in Data Science Can Make Your Career Bright

On the verge of the end of last year of engineering, career-building tension is high on the minds of many. For a bright career, you need to have and showcase something extra, now that extra could be sound knowledge and hands-on experience over an in-demand technology. How about a summer training in Data Science?

What if I say that in just 6 weeks you can acquire skills that have great job demand? What if in 6 weeks this summer you can make yourself employable?

Yes, you read it right 6-week project-based summer training in Data Science is capable of giving that much strength to your resume that you can get a career-kick start immediately and plunge your career to new heights by carving your niche in the field of Data Science.

Future of Data Science and its Learning Relevance

Data Science careers are buzzworthy these days and the reasons that contribute to making it the career of the future include:

  • Staggering Data Growth: It might be shocking to know that people generate data a tremendous amount of data daily and that too without being aware of it. According to recent research on data growth, approximately 5 billion consumers interact with data daily and this number is expected to rise to 6 billion by 2025, which constitutes around three-quarters of the worlds population. Adding to this, total data amounted to 33 zettabytes in 2018 and the projections reveal it to rise to 133 zettabytes by 2025. With so much of data production, there is an urgent need for data science professionals to be at the forefront and help global organizations manage them effectively.

  • Large Companies Struggling With Data Management: Data is like blood for all businesses; therefore data inflow cannot and shouldnt be stopped or be barred at any cost. But huge volumes do impose challenges to the companies in managing it effectively. According to Data Security Confidence Index, 65% of businesses find it difficult to analyze and categorize the data they have on their dashboard. Also, 89% of them know that if analyzed critically, they can have a competitive advantage. For this, large companies are ready to invest a handsome amount in the form of salaries to data managers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientists, who have in-depth knowledge of the data analytics tools and hands-on project-based training in Data Science.

  • Introduction of GDPR Norms: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was introduced in 2018 took effect for countries in the European Union. Its expected from California also to come up with a similar data regulation policy to ensure data privacy and confer data protection rights to the consumers. This GDPR has increased the demand for Data Science professionals steeply as companies need someone who can abide by the laid regulations and also help them with competent data analysis to ensure business profits. With rising cases of data thefts and vulnerabilities across the globe, the demand for Data Analysts, Data Scientists and data security experts is on the highest.

  • Evolving Technology: Careers without growth possibilities become stagnant, usually indicating that jobs within those respective fields must drastically evolve to remain germane. Data science seems to have plentiful opportunities to progress over the next decade or so. Since it shows no signs of slowing down, it is good news for all the young data science aspirants wanting to enter the field.

  • Career Advancement Opportunities: LinkedIn survey declared data scientist as its most promising career of 2019. One of the reasons it got the top spot was that the average salary for people in the role is $130,000. LinkedIns study also looked at the likelihood that people could get promotions as data scientists and gave a career advancement score of nine out of 10. Data Science training and hands-on experience of working over live projects can be your key to unlock the career opportunities to land into the roles of:

    • Modelling Analyst.
    • Product Data Analyst
    • Business Intelligence expert
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Hybrid Data Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Visualization Expert
    • Data Science platform and tool developer and much more

Data Science Summer Training @ Brillica Services

As the data volumes are on the steep rise, there is an urgent lookout for methods to get valuable insights on it. As a result, there is a desperate need for professionals with proficient data science skills. Data Science Training is a way to see your dreams come true. All leading industries at global locations are starving for data science professionals, but surprisingly the field registers a wide skills gap. Take note of these facts:

  • A LinkedIn report claims that there are 151,000job postings for data scientists being felt in big tech hubs like San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles.

  • According to a Harvard Business Review study 40% of companies claim they are unable to hire or retain data talent due to a lack of supply.

Looking at the ocean of opportunities in Data Science with numerous top organizations like Google, Amazon, Deloitte and more, ready to pay high packages have set the domain on fire making it the hottest tech domains to learn. Data Science training is considered essential for all graduates, professionals and fresher folks who are looking for a career as a Data Scientist.

Brillica Services offers an array of summer training courses delivered through industry experts who are focused at imparting the much demanded Data Science analytical skills through live industry projects, making you readily employable at global organizations.

Data Science Summer Training Benefits @ Brillica Services

6 weeks of intensive Data Science summer training program in Dehradun at Brillica Services premises offers you the following advantages:

  • Personal Training assistance from certified mentors
  • Chance to work on live industry-projects
  • Access to expertly-curated curriculum
  • Opportunity to get trained from top academicians and industrialists
  • Great opportunity to gain proficient data science skills from your fellow peers
  • Boost your profile strength thereby providing a higher level of opportunities
  • Chance to get hired as interns at esteemed organizations
  • Recognized certificate of completion and much more

"Invest your time and efforts this summer in learning Data Science technologies at Brillica Services and secure your future!!"

PMP FAQs: All That You Must Know About How to Prepare for the New PMP Exam

Staying ahead of the competition and surviving in the global economy form the core motives, turning the organizations to project management, with a tenet to attain consistent growth in business results. The global organizations believe that a disciplined approach to the project, portfolio and program management can deliver the expected business value at every stage, leading to investing significantly on hiring project management experts and leverage greater efficiency, enhanced stakeholder faith and satisfaction. PMP certification is the key to it that can help you unlock an array of project management career opportunities and acquiring critical management skills. So, What is PMP certification all about, its eligibility criteria, exam format and how to prepare for PMP Certification exam and many other queries stand answered in this blog.

What is PMP?

PMI (Project Management Institute) offers the globally renowned certification, known as PMP (Project management Professional), that is acclaimed as a standard measure of the project management competencies. Acquiring PMP certification credentials are prestigious for project managers to validate the cutting-edge skills to plan, organize, implement, control all project phases and efficiently managing resources, stakeholders, time and efforts driving projects to success.

Who can take PMP certification?

Project Management Professional certification can be aimed by experienced project managers who:

  • Shoulder the responsibility of executing projects under supervision and are familiar with all aspects of the project lifecycle

  • Lead the project teams and direct them to adhere to project deadlines and simultaneously adhere to a defined budget, schedule and resources

  • Demonstrate pertinent knowledge of applying the suitable methodology of executing clearly defined projects.

What is the pre-requisite to take PMP certification Exam?

Taking the PMP certification exam requires you to qualify one of the listed criteria completely:

  • A high school diploma, an associate degree, or its equivalent with a minimum of 5 years of project management experience constituting 7,500 hours in leading project tasks and 35 hours of PMP training classes.
  • A 4-year educational degree with at least 3 years of experience in project management founding 4,500 hours of leading projects and 35 hours of formal PMP certification training.

What is the format of the PMP Exam?

The current PMP exam format is based on 5 performance domains and contains 200 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in 4 hours.

The exam questions are segregated into 5 process groups based on PMBOK Guide, to test your practical approach of handling complex project situations:

  • Initiation (13%)

  • Planning (24%)

  • Executing (30%)

  • Monitoring and Controlling (25%)

  • Closing (8%)

But according to the PMI announcement regarding the recent PMP certification changes, from 1st July 2020, the PMP exam would be based on 3 domains including:

  • People (42%)

  • Process (50%)

  • Business Environment (8%)

Is the PMBOK Guide also changing?

No, PMP certification and training programs would continue to follow the PMP bible PMBOK 6th edition in the same way as the seventh edition is not expected to be out before 2023. The change is to be brought into the ways how to prepare for PMP exam considering the new format and the tested modules.

What is the passing criteria for PMP certification?

The PMP certification measures and scores your understanding as:

  • Proficient

  • Moderately Proficient

  • Below Proficient

Based on the achieved proficiency levels in all domains an overall performance report is generated that defines your result. There are no specific criteria related to a minimum or maximum domains you need to attain the proficient levels to pass the PMP exam.

How many PMP Exam retakes can be taken?

You can retake the PMP exam thrice in one year. Based on the score report, generated after submitting the exam, you can analyze your proficiency level for all the performance domains and prepare accordingly before retaking the exam to save on the cost and efforts.

How to prepare for PMP?

Preparing for PMP certification exam requires you to have profound understanding and approach to implementing the project management knowledge areas, processes in different project stages, that can be achieved by enrolling into PMI authorized training centre offering extensive PMP training and certification courses. The PMBOK sixth edition based PMP training classes, delivered by industry experts can help you prepare and pass the tough exam with striking scores.The project management professional training classes are made available to you in blended learning modes that can be customized to meet your specific learning needs.

Should you take the PMP Exam before or after the 2020 Update?

Before July 2020 is always advisable for all those who are already taking PMP training classes and preparing for the PMP exam from long, because, after July, it is certainly going to be tougher.

Usually, it takes 8 -10 weeks to get trained and self-study the learnt PMP fundamentals. So, if you are reading this, you still have to take the chance and achieve the most prestigious PMP credentials now. Brillica Services can help you get closer to your career goal through extensive PMP training and certification course as we understand that your opportunity window is getting smaller day by day.

Project-Based Summer Training in Python & Machine Learning in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Are you an engineering graduate or pursuing it and aiming to enter the tough job-market full of neck to neck competition with your academic knowledge?

Well, it is certainly not enough, because we have thousands of engineering students parallel to you with the same knowledge and competencies. However, one thing that can set you apart is only hands-on experience! Today all organizations prefer hiring those students who are technically sound, creative and analytical and who can start performing from day one. They do not want to invest their resources in training you before putting you to work. Therefore, A quality solution to this is undertaking project-based summer training to validate your practical knowledge and technical expertise over a specific technology.

Why take Project-Based Summer Training in Python and Machine Learning

Importance of Python and Machine Learning

IT industry in India has shown phenomenal growth in the last decade. With innovative technologies evolving every day, the Indian IT industry is set to become the fastest-growing market globally in the next ten years. Being an engineering student, you must not be confined to only theoretical knowledge, but also have an idea about the acute details of latest technologies, its applications and scope in the future. Every engineering student now is capable enough to understand the importance of building hands-on projects. More projects in your profile, more capable you are in the eyes of the recruiter. Your projects speak louder than your college marks and certainly give you an upper hand during the process of placements.

Of the emerging technologies, Python and Machine Learning have seen unprecedented growth in popularity, recognition, career and scope. For this reason, most of the engineering students are investing their crucial summer training break into project-based summer training in Python and Machine Learning.

Amazing Python and Machine Learning growth facts

  • According to IBM, Python is the most popular language for machine learning

  • The market size of Machine Learning is expected to grow from $1.41 Billion in 2017 to $ 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%

Knowing these, who would miss on the opportunity to make a career into the booming domain of Python and Machine Learning?

Whats so unique about Project-based summer training in Python and machine learning in Dehradun?

Over the years the trends have revealed that Dehradun has become a most desirable place to stay and learn for young technocrats as the place is blessed with the scenic beauty of nature and pleasant climate and is surrounded by esteemed engineering colleges. Preparing you for the growing industry with a wide array of course choices on emerging technologies, Brillica Services is one of the pioneering technology training institutes that believe in learning through project implementations.

Most engineering students having a knack for programming and aspiration to carve careers in Artificial Intelligence domain choose project-based summer training in Python and Machine Learning at Brillica Services in Dehradun.

  • It is a 6-week course where the curriculum is concentrated on instilling in-depth knowledge and understanding of practical implications of the learnt concepts through live industry projects. Such extensive and expertly curated course helps you become job-ready and upfront the corporate challenges fearlessly.

  • Exhaustive project-based summer training at Brillica Services acclaims to make readily employable with the industry-relevant Python and machine learning skills by developing a broad industry outlook. Constant inclusion of beginner to advanced level python and machine learning projects in the summer training here in Dehradun helps you step ahead in your learning and career journey progressively.

Besides the above factors, other reasons to seriously pursue the Python and Machine Learning summer training program is to:

  • Gain in-depth technical knowledge of the Python language, functions libraries and understand how it applies to the machine learning algorithms.

  • Enhance technical skills in a real-time environment.

  • Take a deep dive into the specialized machine learning projects, algorithms and chase your area of interest by gaining specialization gradually.

  • Develop skills to work in a team.

  • Improve awareness of the industrial environment and work culture of the Python and machine learning industry.

  • Develop an analytical approach to build real-time machine learning projects using Python codes.

  • Interact with industry experts; seek constant mentoring and guidance to resolve queries with practical exposure.

  • 6-week project-based summer training Certificate from Brillica Services adds strength to your profile and resume as the courses are recognized.

  • Open doors to job opportunities in reputed tech organizations exhibiting your skills and knowledge.

  • Projects during summer training help in validating your core Python and machine learning competencies making it easier for the future employers to judge your capabilities and skills.

Closing Thoughts

If you have made your mind and are really serious about your career then you must not waste your precious summer vacations this year in bluffing your seniors by purchasing ready-made projects, instead take up the 6-week summer training in Python and machine learning in Dehradun at Brillica Services, that makes it non-tedious yet engaging for you. Our certified industry experts specialize in instilling in you the most sought-after python and machine learning through live industry-projects that help you get acquainted with the industry scenarios, challenges and ways to resolve it analytically.