What is ChatGPT in AI technology?

What is ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands for 'Generative Pre-trained Transformer' and is a chatbot that has been recently launched in November 2022 which is launched by OpenAI. It has been layered upon GPT-3.5 concepts and models, and consists of more refined techniques of reinforcement & supervised learning. Because of the updates in its core algorithms, ChatGPT provides more accurate answers & responses for various domains.

Features & drawbacks of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a successor of the previous chatbot developed by OpenAI i.e., InstructGPT, which has one of the main drawbacks of producing harmful responses. ChatGPT uses the information on the whole internet to generate accurate responses for the queries & respond dynamically which will be more like a conversation than AI asking questions which is made possible because of the reinforcement learning technique which also means that ChatGPT will remember the information given in the conversation and respond in a more precise way. Because of the vast knowledge available over the internet & having the brains of filtering out unnecessary information ChatGPT can produce some amazing results as it can respond to practically every query you through at it whether it is stories, essays & solutions to mathematical equations whatsoever.

There is a saying that there is nobody is perfect and it goes with ChatGPT too, while it has some impressive upgrades from its predecessors it has some drawbacks too. As it can provide an accurate answer, not all the time answers are accurate especially about the events, people, or the things that are related after 2021 which is understandable as we all know there are limitations to technology it also generated racist responses although the number of times that happens is quite lower than its predecessors it is a limitation for the time being.

Techniques used in making ChatGPT

The main technique used in creating ChatGPT was supervised learning & reinforcement learning, Human trainers played an important role in improving the chatbot's performance as Human trainers took part on both sides i.e., the AI assistant & the user. Human trainers observed and ranked the responses that the model created in the previous conversation and then these rankings were used to create 'reward models' and then the reward model was then fine-tuned by the repetition of PPO-Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO consists of model-free reinforcement learning algorithms). This learning technique provides faster performance by nullifying the operations that involve expensive computations. Microsoft helped in providing the supercomputing infrastructure to train these models.

AI technology and its impact

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the trending technology in the previous year and is going to emerge as the most convenient tool for all industries in the future. AI technology is already being used in various industries like Aviation Oil, Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Insurance, and many more, it is still in the developing stage and already giving some very impressive results. As the technology progresses it is likely to give more efficient results. The life science & Healthcare industry is evolving very fast thanks to AI technology implementation for example the use of NLP in reading various unstructured information and gathering useful insight and providing methods for improvement, AI is also being used to develop new drugs and in research AI technology has already proven its worth. If we talk about some other industries then some examples are Fraud Prevention, Autonomous Vehicles, Personalized Shopping, Voice Assistants, Creating Smart Content & many more. Career in AI can give you ample of opportunities to explore the AI technology.

Future & career opportunities in AI (Artificial Intelligence)

There are so many opportunities to make career in AI technology domain and recently the requirement for people who possess good skills in Artificial Intelligence has skyrocketed some of the professions are:
Data Scientist
AI Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
• AI Data Analyst
• Robotics Scientist
• Research Scientist
Business Intelligence Developer
Big Data Engineer
• Product Manager

The above profession involves different tasks and duties according to the requirement and they also pay well, according to the recent reports on the annual salary of these professionals the following graph shows the data as per reports and surveys.

data science career in 2023

How to get the best AI training

AI is the technology of the future & its applications are infinite that is why if you are looking to go for AI then it will be the decision that you will never regret, but the thing to keep in mind is that you will have to acquire the skills to proceed so make sure you get the skills rather then running behind the certification. If you want to learn and make career in AI and want to get the best Artificial Intelligence training you will have to get the best place for it and Brillica Services is the perfect place for you, providing the best training and certification by the industry experienced trainers and with the live project training in Artificial Intelligence which makes AI more understandable. Once you learn Artificial Intelligence concepts and get the required skills then the world of future technology awaits you to venture out and explore the unlimited possibilities.

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