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The Brillica Services Cybersecurity Training Program will assist you in developing the skills necessary to safeguard networks, secure infrastructures, secure electronic assets, prevent attacks, and maintain your own and your customers' privacy. Your career will advance thanks to this program's increased expertise in the fields of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Our cybersecurity certification course is especially made for working professionals, IT grads, and college students who want to work in the fields of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. This course on cyber security and ethical hacking is entirely practical, with laboratories, exercises, and hundreds of offensive and defensive tools that simulate real-world situations.

Program hightlight

Project based training

Online/offline training modes

Best-in-Class Training Curriculum

Beginner to Expert Level Training

Hands-on Programming Practice

Unlimited Access - Online or Offline Flexible Guaranteed to Run Schedulest

Who Can Apply ?
Job Roles
Cyber Security Analyst
Cybersecurity analysts help plan, implement, and update security measures and controls. We continuously monitor security access and conduct internal and external security audits to ensure there are no gaps or indications of security vulnerabilities.
Security Architect

Security architects play a key role in designing an organization's network and computer security architecture. Security architects help plan, research, and design security elements. Without a security architect, an organization's security systems are vulnerable to attack.

Cyber Security Manager

Cybersecurity managers are responsible for maintaining security protocols across the organization. Develop strategies to strengthen network and internet security related to various projects and lead a team of IT professionals to ensure the highest standards of data security.

Information Security Manager

Information security managers identify loopholes that make information systems vulnerable to attack. You are responsible for detecting and preventing cyber threats to your company's data, computers and networks.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers create and run secure network solutions. Cybersecurity engineers are an integral part of the system to enhance your technology initiatives and take them to the next level.

Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers are a valuable resource for businesses because they possess a wealth of intuitive knowledge and skills that reveal hacker logic. Test and analyze network, system, and application vulnerabilities.

Tools To be Covered
Meet the Mentor

Yogendra Singh Negi

CTO & Director & Cyber Security Trainer CTO at Brillica Services & a very experienced Cybersecurity trainer known for his profound knowledge and skills, he has trained over 10,000+ candidates.

Prakash Kandpal

Cyber Security Trainer Industry experienced CYbersecurity trainer who has a vast knowledge & experience, he has trained over 2000+ students and is loved amongst the student.

Student testimonials

kalpana chhetri

cyber security

I have done CCNA and cyber security training. I had such a wonderful experience with Brillica services . The best part during my training was that my mentor and trainers also focused to trained me on practical knowledge as well it helped me lot to learn, I am happy that i have got the best CCNA & Cybersecurity course in Dehradun.

Aayush Rawat

Cybersecurity Training

My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their skills should join here, they provide the best Data Science course in Dehradun & Uttarakhand.

Kavya Mindrana

Cyber security Training

First of all i am very lucky to got a trainer like you sir... Ur very friendly with us, we asked all doubts without any hesitate we feel very free at you sir...ur the best trainer i have ever seen in my life yogendra sir Thankyou sir

Aayush Rawat

Cyber security Training

My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their skills should join here. The support staff is also very sociable. Thank you Brillica Services.

Satinder Singh

Cyber security Training

My overall training experience was good Teachers are good, helpful and friendly Sir taught in a good way and cleared the doubts of each of the students B.tech student from UIT

Vijaya Devi Medicharla

Cyber security Training

The training you have provided has been outstanding.It was really a good opportunity to me as a part of your training,tq yogendra sir.

Rishabh Barnwal

Cyber security Training

Really wonderful session with Yogendra sir. He patiently solved all our doubts and was very efficient in his teachings. Thank you so much sir.

Nebiyu Tesfaye

Cyber security Training

Great institution with amazing instructors . All faculties are full of experience and knowledge. They know what they are teaching.

Ritusree Roy

Cyber security Training

The training was amazing with hands on experiences.our trainer was excellent.it was one of the best training experience which have grown more interest in the networking field.

madhu challa

Cyber security Training

I completed my summer training recently...I learned a lot in emmbeded systems.thanku u brillica...I recommend for every one who want to learn new technologies with proper guidance...

jasjot Singh

Cyber security Training

All doubts and queries are cleared. Yogender sir make sure that everyone gets a complete understanding of all concepts. He makes learning fun. Had a great time learning.

BhanuPratap Rawat

Cyber security Training

The training was very nice! Trainers put a lot of efforts to make you grasp the technology. Management is also very supportive.
Our Alumni Work At
Career Services
Brillica Services provides 100% job placement support to all the candidates. Brillica Services offers lifetime multiple interview sessions based upon the skills and submission of the projects after the completion of 50% of the course. We provide the latest hiring updates from the companies with our students so that they can apply for it accordingly so do not delay furthur and join our Data Science course with 100% placement Assistance.
Students are prepared for interviews after the completion of 50% of the course which includes assesments practical training, we know what industry requires now so we train our candidates accordingly and focus on the tools which are important.
We help students in profile building and assist them in making an impressive resume with their strong skills highlighted. Students get to train accordingly to the companies requirement and also we focus on the relevant skills that is required by the IT industries right now.

Cybersecurity Course in Dehradun, Uttarakhand helps you to get ready for the most desirable career domain. We provide courses in multiple domains which specifially focused on IT, the Technology field is growing very fast and right now there are ample of opportunities for everyone, the positive aspect is that if ypu don not have the IT background but you have the skills requried according to the industries then there is no stopping you, make your career future proof and get upgraded according to the need of time.

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Latest blogs

1. What is the main objective of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity protects the sensitive information and data of an organization or a company so that it cannot be steal by cyber attackers who can use that valuable information for wrong purpose.

2.Is cybersecurity career good for future?

As all the big or small scale industries are relying on technology for their day to day work so the security of these applications and software becomes priority that is why recently the cybersecurity sector has grown exponentially and the requirement in cybersecurity has grown also.

3. What are the skills required to become a cybersecurity specialist?

In order to to become a cybersecurity specialist you have to be familiar with the concepts like malware, #trojan virus, network #security, cryptography, #SQL Injection, etc, and get yourself aware of industry level tools like :
1. Wireshark
2. Burpsuite
3. Python
4. Metasploit
5. kali Linux
6. Owasp
7. Aircrack-NG
8. XSS

4. Who can apply for the Cybersecurity course in Dehradun?

Basically anyone can apply for the cybersecurity course who has a keen interested in safeguarding the technology. Technical graduate or undergraduade can do this course to add some skills and also to pursue the future in cybersecurity. Industry professional can join it if they want to upgrade or switch their career in Cybersecurity.

5. Is there any prerequisite for cybersecurity course?

Generally there is no prerequisite for this course if you want to start fresh, but if you are upgrading your career or switching you career in Cybersecurity the the knowledge or networking, python, linux is a plus.

6. What are the opportunities after the completion of Cybersecurity course?

Some of the most demanding roles for Cybersecurity are:
1. Cybersecurity Architect
2. Cybersecurity Analyst
3. Cyber Security Manager
4. Information Security Manager
5. Cybersecurity Engineer 6. Ethical Hackers

8. Why choose Brillica Services for Cybersecurity certification Course?

Brillica services provides the best Cybersecurity course in Dehradun & Uttarakhand. We provide 100% placement assistance to our students so that they will have ample of opportunity for jobs. We train our students for interviews and also give knowledge of all the tools & application skills that is highly required by Industry nowdays.