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Data structures are the core of software development, and an efficient approach to a given problem depends on how effectively the data is arranged. Hash tables are used in compiler implementations to create identifier lookups. This means that if a programmer knows both the data structure and the algorithm, they can write correct code. There may be different kinds of looping statements depending on the desired result. Here at Brillica Services you will get the knowledge of Data structure from basic to advance level with DSA certification in Dehradun & Uttarakhand.

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Beginner to Expert Level Training

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Vikas Singh

Data Structure & Full Stack web development Trainer Experience Web Developer & Trainer having profound knowledge in the field of Web & App Development.He has worked on 50+ Projects & Trained over 1000+ Candidates and is known for his Data Structure proficiency.

Raghwandra Singh

Full Stack web development Trainer & Data structure expert Experienced trainers with hands on practical work experience on various projects, technically sound in many programming languages and trained over 800+ students.

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Niharika Negi

My experience at Brillica is very good. The teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive in nature. Thankyou for giving me the platform or opportunity where I can learn something in this pandemic .

Yousuf Ahmad

It was a great experience for me to learn in Brillica services . I liked the way of teaching very easy to understand and also the friendly atmosphere . The course is also structured very well by the sir/Madam . It was not at all boring like other classes which had been before Brillica services . I'm glad that I joined this coaching got to know many things and also enjoyed . I would recommend others to join Brillica services as it's very much helpful. Brillica services is really different in terms of everything - from Faculty to the atmosphere of the institute . One will find a sense of belongingness here . Faculty is very helpful and available all the time for doubt clearing .

Niharika Punyamanthula

It was a great learning experience with you yogendra sir. You were indeed a awesome and excellent trainer😊. You solved all our queries and our silly 🤭 requests with such patience and in a detailed way so that we can understand clearly. Anyway you are the best mentor 👍 and I hope i get more chances to learn with you 🤗🤗🤗 sir And at last thank you so much for being our friendly instructor 😇😇😇


The best and important thing of this organization is Best mentor. Co-founder yogendra singh negi (sir) is super, friendly with everyone and mr.cool😊 . I have an unforgettable experience when he was teaching us.No doubt go for it. You will never regret .. Thank me later😊

Tushar Bahuguna

The course was really informative. All the topics were covered in great detail. The faculty was very soft spoken and explained every topic with a lot of examples. Overall a really good experience.

Ashutosh Saxena

Excellent teaching programs and facilities+ faculty interaction is superb i personally took one of the training program and it's too good .... definitely should take one of the programme.

Prerna Pakhawal

It was really a great session. Came to know about exel more in detail. Thank you for all your efforts and the way you explained each and every thing in detail. It really polished our skills and get to know more advance things in excel.

Sarul Joshi

Wonderful experience at Brillica Services Pvt Ltd…. Got all support from Brillica Staff especially from @pooja mam and @yogendra sir….

Manoj Joshi

Nice place to enhance the skills, keep yourself update with latest technology in market, take the courses and do whenever, wherever you want, nice latest updated trainers with cool presentation skills. Most recommended centre.

Aayush Rawat

My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their skills should join here. The support staff is also very sociable. Thank you Brillica Services. Most recommended centre.

Anurag Walia

Best place to hone up your skills. The way of teaching and guidance that you will get from here will be precious and will help you life long Most recommended centre.


This is great place to learn new technologies which is revolving around the world.. The best part is it will help you to develop a new skills which you will benefit you in future
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Brillica Services provides 100% job placement support to all the candidates. Brillica Services offers lifetime multiple interview sessions based upon the skills and submission of the projects after the completion of 50% of the course. We provide the latest hiring updates from the companies with our students so that they can apply for it accordingly so do not delay furthur and join our Data Science course with 100% placement Assistance.
Students are prepared for interviews after the completion of 50% of the course which includes assesments practical training, we know what industry requires now so we train our candidates accordingly and focus on the tools which are important.
We help students in profile building and assist them in making an impressive resume with their strong skills highlighted. Students get to train accordingly to the companies requirement and also we focus on the relevant skills that is required by the IT industries right now.

Data Structure Algorithm certification in Dehradun, Uttarakhand helps you to get ready for the most desirable career domain. We provide courses in multiple domains which specifially focused on IT, the Technology field is growing very fast and right now there are ample of opportunities for everyone, the positive aspect is that if ypu don not have the IT background but you have the skills requried according to the industries then there is no stopping you, make your career future proof and get upgraded according to the need of time.

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1. what is a Data Structure?

A data structure is a specialized format for organizing, processing, retrieving, and storing data. There are several basic and advanced types of data structures, each designed to organize data for a specific purpose. Data structures make it easier for users to access and manipulate the data they need. Most importantly, data structures frame the organization of information so that it can be better understood by machines and humans.

2. Is Python a data structure??

Basic Python data structures in Python include lists, sets, tuples, and dictionaries. Each data structure is unique in its own way. A data structure is a "container" that organizes and groups data by type. Data structures differ in mutability and order.

3. Is data structure and SQL same?

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to perform operations on data in databases. Database Management Systems (DBMS) are used to manage databases. Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python are used to perform operations using data structures. Non-volatile memory.

4. from where i can do Data Structure course in Dehradun?

Brillica Services provides the best Data Structure course in Dehradun & Uttarakhand with Best in class instructors with both study mode online & offline available.

5. Does Data Structure has scope in future?

Data Structure is the base of programming language and if you master Data Structure & Data Structure algorithm then you will have so many doors open for you & your career.

5. Where can i get Data structure Algorithm certification course in Uttarakhand?

If you are looking for the best Data Structure algorithm certification course in Uttarakhand then look no further, Brillica Services provides the best course & training for Data structure algorithm certification.