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Machine learning using python is a comprehensive training course that helps you take a deep dive into machine learning basics and understand how Python programming language integrates to the core. The machine learning course with python is focused on delivering best-in-class learning on statistical modelling, regression and clustering algorithms and have an in-depth understanding of the interoperability between Python and machine learning and the magical applications it can create. Brillica services is a prominent leader in offering you an opportunity to transform your theoretical knowledge on machine learning and python, into the much preferred and job-oriented practical skill through multiple projects included in machine learning using python and certification course. Our certified and seasoned instructors work to build a solid foundation on developing algorithms, creating functions, exception handling, data analysis etc. Our diverse training delivery modes of machine learning using python course, offered in custom schedules, help corporate and individual learners find a best-fit learning solution mapping their career and training goals.

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Instructor-led Classroom and Online Training modes

Best-in-Class Training Curriculum

Beginner to Expert Level Training

Hands-on Programming Practice

Pro-Python Tips & Tricks Practice Activities

Unlimited Access - Online or Offline Flexible Guaranteed to Run Schedules

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Shubham Soni

Machine Learning Trainer An Industry Experienced Data science Expert having a working knowledge of Machine learning & Python. He has trained over 1000 Candidates in various Data Science Tools including AI, Machine learning & Python.

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Machine Learning

I did python machine learning from Brillica services they taught me everything from scratch . Best training

Satyabrata Sahoo

Machine Learning

I completed my machine learning course and gained lot of knowledge from the academy. Learning from such a professional gave me a great learning experience. Thank you Brillica Services.

Sahil Sharma

Machine Learning

Staff is really experienced and well trained.. Good company for studing data science,python,AI,Machine learning etc..

Mayank Bisht

Machine Learning

If you want to do your training in machine learning in dehradun ,then this is the only place which you can watch for .Trainer has good practical knowledge .They are more focused in providing practical knowledge rather than theoritical.

saurabh bhandari

Machine Learning

Completed my Machine Learning course with Brillica.And from my experience Brillica is one of the best institutes for training in machine learning and data science in Dehradun region with very supportive instructors and staff.

Abhinav Kaushik

Machine Learning

i went to study Machine Learning and truly it was an awesome experience, i opted for the weekend classes

Shagun Saxena

Machine Learning

It was a good experience for learning ML using Python from Brillica Services...And Thanks to Gurjas Sir for helping us...

Akash Malik

Machine Learning

Best place to learn Machine Learning...Mentor(Gurjas Sir) is amazing
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Career Services
Brillica Services provides 100% job placement support to all the candidates. Brillica Services offers lifetime multiple interview sessions based upon the skills and submission of the projects after the completion of 50% of the course. We provide the latest hiring updates from the companies with our students so that they can apply for it accordingly so do not delay furthur and join our Data Science course with 100% placement Assistance.
Students are prepared for interviews after the completion of 50% of the course which includes assesments practical training, we know what industry requires now so we train our candidates accordingly and focus on the tools which are important.
We help students in profile building and assist them in making an impressive resume with their strong skills highlighted. Students get to train accordingly to the companies requirement and also we focus on the relevant skills that is required by the IT industries right now.

Machine learning course in Dehradun, Uttarakhand helps you to get ready for the most desirable career domain. We provide courses in multiple domains which specifially focused on IT, the Technology field is growing very fast and right now there are ample of opportunities for everyone, the positive aspect is that if ypu don not have the IT background but you have the skills requried according to the industries then there is no stopping you, make your career future proof and get upgraded according to the need of time.

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1. What exactly is machine learning?

In practice, machine learning is tasking a system with sifting through data for the sake of sifting through it. Look for patterns and adjust your actions accordingly.

2.What is the use of machine learning with Python?

TO put simply Machine learning allows users to input vast amounts of data into computer algorithms, which the computer analyzes to make data-driven recommendations and decisions based solely on the input data.

3. Is Python necessary for machine learning?

Because of its easy nature python is used mostly for machine learning now it has become a necessity to use python for Machine Learning.

4. What is the difference between Python and machine learning?

Machine learning is a process that can be used for many application according to the Industry needs whereas Python is the main programming language that is used for Machine learning.

6. What are the types of machine learning?

7. What are the principles of machine learning?

1 - Data Collection.
2 - Data Preparation.
3 - Choose a Model.
4 - Train the Model.
5 - Evaluate the Model.
6 - Parameter Tuning.
7 - Make Predictions.

10. Is machine learning a good career?

Yes Machine learning is undoubtedly is one of the best career path that you can opt for future perspective, the requirement for a good Machine Learning specialist is increasing and if you become one then you can easily grab the opportunity.