How Brillica Services Best Summer Training in Data Science Can Make Your Career Bright

On the verge of the end of last year of engineering, career-building tension is high on the minds of many. For a bright career, you need to have and showcase something extra, now that extra could be sound knowledge and hands-on experience over an in-demand technology.How about a summer training in Data Science?

What if I say that in just 6 weeks you can acquire skills that have great job demand? What if in 6 weeks this summer you can make yourself employable?

Yes, you read it right 6-week project-based summer training in Data Science is capable of giving that much strength to your resume that you can get a career-kick start immediately and plunge your career to new heights by carving your niche in the field of Data Science.

Future of Data Science and its Learning Relevance

Data Science careers are buzzworthy these days and the reasons that contribute to making it the career of the future include:

Staggering Data Growth:

It might be shocking to know that people generate data a tremendous amount of data daily and that too without being aware of it. According to recent research on data growth, approximately 5 billion consumers interact with data daily and this number is expected to rise to 6 billion by 2025, which constitutes around three-quarters of the worlds population. Adding to this, total data amounted to 33 zettabytes in 2018 and the projections reveal it to rise to 133 zettabytes by 2025. With so much of data production, there is an urgent need for data science professionals to be at the forefront and help global organizations manage them effectively.

Large Companies Struggling With Data Management:

Data is like blood for all businesses; therefore data inflow cannot and shouldn't be stopped or be barred at any cost. But huge volumes do impose challenges to the companies in managing it effectively. According to Data Security Confidence Index, 65% of businesses find it difficult to analyze and categorize the data they have on their dashboard. Also, 89% of them know that if analyzed critically, they can have a competitive advantage. For this, large companies are ready to invest a handsome amount in the form of salaries to data managers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and Data Scientists, who have in-depth knowledge of the data analytics tools and hands-on project-based training in Data Science.

Introduction of GDPR Norms:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which was introduced in 2018 took effect for countries in the European Union. Its expected from California also to come up with a similar data regulation policy to ensure data privacy and confer data protection rights to the consumers. This GDPR has increased the demand for Data Science professionals steeply as companies need someone who can abide by the laid regulations and also help them with competent data analysis to ensure business profits. With rising cases of data thefts and vulnerabilities across the globe, the demand for Data Analysts, Data Scientists and data security experts is on the highest..

Evolving Technology:

Careers without growth possibilities become stagnant, usually indicating that jobs within those respective fields must drastically evolve to remain germane. Data science seems to have plentiful opportunities to progress over the next decade or so. Since it shows no signs of slowing down, it is good news for all the young data science aspirants wanting to enter the field.

Career Advancement Opportunities:

LinkedIn survey declared data scientist as its most promising career of 2019. One of the reasons it got the top spot was that the average salary for people in the role is $130,000. LinkedIn study also looked at the likelihood that people could get promotions as data scientists and gave a career advancement score of nine out of 10. Data Science training and hands-on experience of working over live projects can be your key to unlock the career opportunities to land into the roles of:
Modelling Analyst
Product Data Analyst
Business Intelligence expert
Machine Learning Engineer
Hybrid Data Engineer
Data Visualization Expert
Data Science platform and tool developer and much more

Data Science Summer Training @ Brillica Services

As the data volumes are on the steep rise, there is an urgent lookout for methods to get valuable insights on it. As a result, there is a desperate need for professionals with proficient data science skills. Data Science Training is a way to see your dreams come true. All leading industries at global locations are starving for data science professionals, but surprisingly the field registers a wide skills gap. Take note of these facts:
A LinkedIn report claims that there are 151,000job postings for data scientists being felt in big tech hubs like San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. According to a Harvard Business Review study 40% of companies claim they are unable to hire or retain data talent due to a lack of supply.
Looking at the ocean of opportunities in Data Science with numerous top organizations like Google, Amazon, Deloitte and more, ready to pay high packages have set the domain on fire making it the hottest tech domains to learn. Data Science training is considered essential for all graduates, professionals and fresher folks who are looking for a career as a Data Scientist.
Brillica Services offers an array of summer training courses delivered through industry experts who are focused at imparting the much demanded Data Science analytical skills through live industry projects, making you readily employable at global organizations.

Data Science Summer Training Benefits @ Brillica Services

6 weeks of intensive Data Science summer training program in Dehradun at Brillica Services premises offers you the following advantages:
Personal Training assistance from certified mentors
Chance to work on live industry-projects
Access to expertly-curated curriculum
Opportunity to get trained from top academicians and industrialists
Great opportunity to gain proficient data science skills from your fellow peers
Boost your profile strength thereby providing a higher level of opportunities
Chance to get hired as interns at esteemed organizations
Recognized certificate of completion and much more

"Invest your time and efforts this summer in learning Data Science technologies at Brillica Services and secure your future!"

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