Why make a career in Cyber Security in 2023?

career in cybersecurity

The last few years have been great for technology and many innovations have taken place, some provide facilities in terms of day-to-day life or big businesses and some of them did not prove to be as useful. When we talk about major technologies then the name Cyber Security always comes to mind and the question arises would Cyber Security be as demanding as it was before and would it be worth making a career in Cyber Security in 2023? Let us discuss it in the following article in detail.

What is Cyber Security & what is its importance in technology?

The process of Cyber Security involves the practice of protecting the system, networks, sensitive information & confidential data from any cyber-attacks. These cyber-attacks can be very neat & you might not even know of it happening but when they happen, they can be very damaging as they can sometimes cause damage beyond repair, for example, if the data breach has happened and the attackers got the financial information then they can use it for their benefit.

The biggest real-life example is the Ransomware virus that has affected almost the whole world and its effects were irreparable it once gets into the system it encrypts all the files and the system encryption key is replaced by the attacker's encryption key so without paying off the attackers there was no way of getting out if the encryption has happened on one of your private files which consists of your personal sensitive information, attacks like this has happened on everywhere whether it on a normal human being or a big business, so Cyber Security training focuses on taking the preventive measures and also implementing effective strategies for Cyber-attacks.

Career opportunities in Cyber Security right now

A career in Cyber Security holds great potential because as technology is progressing each person is connected to devices in one way or another and as the demand of today's world you certainly have to put your personal information through your digital devices whether you are using it for banking or purchasing something on the internet not only that most of the government-held organizations and big IT companies are relying on technology for their day to day task if it involves dealing with the client or storing sensitive data, there are always a risk of cyber-attacks.

Because of the increase in cyber-attacks and escalating Data breaching cases, the requirement for Cyber Security analysts and information security analyst's requirement has increased in the past few years and it is going to continue in upcoming years as the information security market is estimated to reach $366.1 Billion in 2028. According to the surveys in February 2022, there were approximately 600,000 job openings alone in Cyber Security industry and some IT leaders also said that Cyber Security jobs are the most difficult to fill because of the shortage of people and skills, which is why Cyber Security demand in every industry has increased over the past years, if you already acquire this skill then your future is great but if you not and you are planning to go for making a career Cyber Security in 2023 than it is one of the decisions you will make that you will not regret.

How good is a career in Cyber Security in 2023?

As we are now officially in 2023, so many people are looking to either learn a new skill or change their profession, or find a career that has good potential, career in Cyber Security in 2023 will be a boon to your earnings if you look at the stats alone in India then the average salary estimated is 6LPA, it can start as low as 2LPA and goes all the way up to 20LPA according to the experience & skills and it is not only the limit if you go overseas then there is no bar. The following graph will show you the salary in Cyber Security according to the experience in years.
career in cybersecurity
Now let's break down the salary structure according to the different professions in Cyber Security in different cities in India.

1. Cyber Security Manager avg salary - ₹8,70,667 LPA

S.no City Avg Salary in LPA
1. Bengaluru ₹16,62,424
2. Hyderabad ₹8,93,000
3. Pune ₹9,02,500
4. Mumbai ₹9,10,173
5. Chennai ₹7,71,504

2. Network Security Engineer avg salary - ₹5,13,159 LPA

S.no City Avg Salary in LPA
1. Bengaluru ₹8,78,338
2. Hyderabad ₹9,60,887
3. Pune ₹8,64,704
4. Mumbai ₹6,82,989
5. Chennai ₹5,95,862

3. Security Architect avg salary - ₹21,82,678 LPA

S.no City Avg Salary in LPA
1. Bengaluru ₹2,182,678
2. Hyderabad ₹16,00,000
3. Pune ₹21,37,764
4. Mumbai ₹20,00,000
5. Chennai ₹19,00,000

4. Cyber Security Analyst avg salary - ₹5,39,675 LPA

S.no City Avg Salary in LPA
1. Bengaluru ₹6,32,265
2. Hyderabad ₹4,50,000
3. Pune ₹7,32,425
4. Mumbai ₹4,60,000
5. Chennai ₹5,75,849

The above data shows that the current scenario for the cybersecurity career is good and it is going to be more & more as the importance of Cyber Security going to increase in the future.

What is the best way to make a career in Cyber Security in 2023?

Although there are different ways to get into Cyber Security training and start your earning the thing that is to be kept in mind is that the most important thing in this domain are the skills that you can only acquire if you get the proper education. Brillica Services is a renowned institution that provides Cyber Security training and certification, Brillica Services has all a student needs, a proper education environment with all the facilities plus Industry experienced trainers with a lot of practical knowledge. As the importance of the skills is more in the field of Cybersecurity, Brillica Services provides project-based training which will give you an extra edge when compared to your competitors as you have a better understanding of real-life implementation. Make a career in Cybersecurity and embark on a journey that will only grow your skills and make your skill more & sharp which will eventually give you the strength to compete and move forward in the field of technology.

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