sl Why choose Data Science as a career in 2023

Why choose Data Science as a career in 2023?

data science career in 2023

Data science is one of the most used technologies in 2022, so what will be the future of Data Science in 2023? Data science is a process of using technology to refine the data and take out useful information for the benefit of an industry or an organization. The data is generally unstructured at the start and there is so much undesirable information is there which is not required in a particular fresh data set so we use technologies so that the data can become structured and we can scrape useful information out of it. We will further discuss as why Data Science as a career will be a very wise choice for future perspective.

Why Data Science has become popular?

Data science has become popular because of its increase in demand in the technology industry. Data has become an integral part of market research as it can give so much useful information so that companies & organizations can make an effective strategy for their marketing model, that is why the demand for Data Scientists jobs has rapidly increased in the past few years in fact, according to the recent studies from linkedIn emerging job reports revealed that Data Science has the fastest growing job requirement globally which consist 650% growth from 2012. The industry has shown enormous growth from USD 37.9 Billion in 2019 and it is expected to reach USD 230.80 Billion by 2026, so in a nutshell, the Data Science scope in 2023 is nothing but brighter & if you choose Data Science as a career then the future holds many opportunities for you.

data science career in 2023

Career opportunities in Data Science

As the world is going through inflation and there is news all around where companies & big organizations are laying off employees in different departments globally one might think that there is a wave of unemployment and that no sector is future-proof and can provide job security. But amidst this all there are plenty of opportunities in the technology sector and if you are going for the trending technologies like Data Science, Data Analytics, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud technologies like AWS, AZURE, DevOps, etc. then you are on the right track because the future of these technologies holds ample of opportunities for everyone. The most astonishing fact about these technologies is that even if you are not from a technical background but if you possess these skills then there is no stopping you. Now let us see some of the stats which will help you in make your mind to take Data Science as a career, according to the study big industries like power, steel, energy, etc. and most of them from India have an adoption rate of Data Science & Data Analytics of 74.5% plus the employment option has increased to 64% between 2018 & 2021. Stats like this shows the Data Science scope & Data science future holds great potential for everyone.

Future as a Data Scientist and career growth

Now the question might arise that we have been talking about Data Science in 2023 & its Data Science future so much but how well does it pay? Do you earn well as a Data Scientist? What are the earnings of a Data Scientist? And so on. But we are here to answer all your Questions about the Data Science salary bracket and all career growth concerning the annual salary with the help of stats so that you will have a clear idea. When you start your journey as a Data Scientist the lowest package you can get in India is approximately 4 LPA and the highest it could reach up to 25 LPA according to recent surveys in India. When breaking it down according to experience then for people who have between 1 - 2 years of experience then they can get from 4 - 6 LPA according to their skills and it gradually increases according to the experience in years. If you have 5-6 years of experience in Data Science then you can easily get a package of approximately 8-12 lakhs and so on and this data according to the present scenario might increase for Data Science in 2023.

data science career in 2023

Why Data Science will be one of the best options in 2023?

As technology has progressed in the last few years it is easy to say that the trend will keep on going in 2023 and also progress more in upcoming years so if you are thinking about going into the IT sector or you are already in it and want to upgrade yourself so that you can earn more than without a doubt 2023 will be a very crucial year for you because the opportunity will be more than ever. Data science as a career possesses a very high potential when it comes to future technology and according to Global surveys, it is one of the most required professions right now. When we talk about specifically in India then it is still new and the Data Science scope is growing strongly if we talk about Jobs only then there are approximately 40k to 50k jobs in India combining both freshers & experienced with justified salary brackets. Data Science scope & opportunity in India & the World is right now quite is excellent so Data Science in 2023 will again be the hotshot topic in technology.

Where can you get the best Data Science training course?

No doubt that Data science is a much-needed skill and to acquire this skill you will need a trusted & certified source and Brillica Services is one of the best, serving since 2017 it has made its mark in technology training and Data Science training course has become it's one of the key strengths. Data Science training includes multiple modules which cover the most important topics like Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Machine learning, etc., and the tools required for it like python, pandas, NumPy, etc. Brillica Services has the best trainers with industry experience and they are certified in their domain. If you are interested in pursuing Data Science training course then Brillica Services can provide the best Data Science training courses & certification with online & offline modes so you can now easily get access to the basics & foundation of Data Science and its application in different fields.

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