Project-Based Summer Training in Python & Machine Learning in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Are you an engineering graduate or pursuing it and aiming to enter the tough job-market full of neck to neck competition with your academic knowledge?
Well, it is certainly not enough, because we have thousands of engineering students parallel to you with the same knowledge and competencies. However, one thing that can set you apart is only hands-on experience! Today all organizations prefer hiring those students who are technically sound, creative and analytical and who can start performing from day one. They do not want to invest their resources in training you before putting you to work. Therefore, A quality solution to this is undertaking project-based summer training to validate your practical knowledge and technical expertise over a specific technology.

Why take Project-Based Summer Training in Python and Machine Learning

Importance of Python and Machine Learning

IT industry in India has shown phenomenal growth in the last decade. With innovative technologies evolving every day, the Indian IT industry is set to become the fastest-growing market globally in the next ten years. Being an engineering student, you must not be confined to only theoretical knowledge, but also have an idea about the acute details of latest technologies, its applications and scope in the future. Every engineering student now is capable enough to understand the importance of building hands-on projects. More projects in your profile, more capable you are in the eyes of the recruiter. Your projects speak louder than your college marks and certainly give you an upper hand during the process of placements.
Of the emerging technologies, Python and Machine Learning have seen unprecedented growth in popularity, recognition, career and scope. For this reason, most of the engineering students are investing their crucial summer training break into project-based summer training in Python and Machine Learning.

Amazing Python and Machine Learning growth facts

According to IBM, Python is the most popular language for machine learning
The market size of Machine Learning is expected to grow from $1.41 Billion in 2017 to $ 8.81 Billion by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 44.1%
Knowing these, who would miss on the opportunity to make a career into the booming domain of Python and Machine Learning?

Whats so unique about Project-based summer training in Python and machine learning in Dehradun?

Over the years the trends have revealed that Dehradun has become a most desirable place to stay and learn for young technocrats as the place is blessed with the scenic beauty of nature and pleasant climate and is surrounded by esteemed engineering colleges. Preparing you for the growing industry with a wide array of course choices on emerging technologies, Brillica Services is one of the pioneering technology training institutes that believe in learning through project implementations.
Most engineering students having a knack for programming and aspiration to carve careers in Artificial Intelligence domain choose project-based summer training in Python and Machine Learning at Brillica Services in Dehradun.
It is a 6-week course where the curriculum is concentrated on instilling in-depth knowledge and understanding of practical implications of the learnt concepts through live industry projects. Such extensive and expertly curated course helps you become job-ready and upfront the corporate challenges fearlessly.
Exhaustive project-based summer training at Brillica Services acclaims to make readily employable with the industry-relevant Python and machine learning skills by developing a broad industry outlook. Constant inclusion of beginner to advanced level python and machine learning projects in the summer training here in Dehradun helps you step ahead in your learning and career journey progressively.
Besides the above factors, other reasons to seriously pursue the Python and Machine Learning summer training program is to:
Gain in-depth technical knowledge of the Python language, functions libraries and understand how it applies to the machine learning algorithms.
Enhance technical skills in a real-time environment.
Take a deep dive into the specialized machine learning projects, algorithms and chase your area of interest by gaining specialization gradually.
Develop skills to work in a team.
Improve awareness of the industrial environment and work culture of the Python and machine learning industry.
Develop an analytical approach to build real-time machine learning projects using Python codes.
Interact with industry experts; seek constant mentoring and guidance to resolve queries with practical exposure.
6-week project-based summer training Certificate from Brillica Services adds strength to your profile and resume as the courses are recognized.
Open doors to job opportunities in reputed tech organizations exhibiting your skills and knowledge.
Projects during summer training help in validating your core Python and machine learning competencies making it easier for the future employers to judge your capabilities and skills.

Closing Thoughts

If you have made your mind and are really serious about your career then you must not waste your precious summer vacations this year in bluffing your seniors by purchasing ready-made projects, instead take up the 6-week summer training in Python and machine learning in Dehradun at Brillica Services, that makes it non-tedious yet engaging for you. Our certified industry experts specialize in instilling in you the most sought-after python and machine learning through live industry-projects that help you get acquainted with the industry scenarios, challenges and ways to resolve it analytically.

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