Give Wings to Your Career as a Tableau Developer

Tableau leverages the power to the enterprise management to see and understand data with utmost robustness and scalability and help in taking the right business decisions. For this reason, global organizations and the entire Business Intelligence industry hugely rely on Tableau developers.
Now, who are they, what roles and responsibilities do they execute, what skills you need to acquire to become one? How Tableau training can help you achieve your career goal? The article walks you through all this and much more.

Who is a Tableau Developer?

A Tableau Developer is the one who develops data visualization solutions to augment business processes. The role requires you to work with co-developers, create tableau dashboard reports, generate BI and visualization reports, take feedbacks and improve systems. The job is ideal for those who have strong business acumen, vast knowledge of mathematics and statistics fundamentals and exemplary data warehousing skills.

What are the responsibilities of a Tableau Developer?

Building Data Analytics Solutions:

A Tableau Developer is entrusted with the core responsibility of devising technical solutions based on the enterprise needs. Translating business requirements and finding innovative solutions to it is the primary role of a proficient Tableau developer.


Querying databases, identifying issues and conducting tests to troubleshoot them forms an ongoing process through the entire software development project.


OLAP stands for Online Analytical Processing. All Tableau developers need to preserve and secure data for which they create tools. OLAP is the technology behind the Business Intelligence apps and software that helps analytics and developers in complex computing calculations, data modelling, making data predictions and conducting trend analysis to facilitate business decisions.

System Enhancement:

Constantly evaluating and improving existing business systems is the critical job role of a Tableau Developer, which is expected to be executed with the utmost competency. This requires seamless collaboration with the other teams on-board such that new processes can be streamlined and workflows can be managed well.

Creating Technical Documentation:

All completed projects if documented well can help management to draw inferences and also refer to them to overcome future project challenges effectively. Tableau Developers key responsibilities include preparing technical documentation of all successfully executed projects.


Forecasting and storytelling are powerful features of Tableau that helps representing business data like no other BI tool. It empowers users to connect with data personally and deeply analyze it, make close forecasts with the embedded technique called exponential smoothening.

Which tools do Tableau Developers use?

BI technologies:

Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI

Data Analytics Tools:



SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Reporting Services

Why pursue a career as a Tableau Developer?

Natural language processing and machine learning-enabled data preparation are what Tableau is focused on. It is evolving with new technologies enabling futuristic approaches to view and analyze data. Soon it is going to launch hybrid data connectivity for the cloud.
These reasons would give you a clear understanding of the importance of pursuing a career as a Tableau Developer:

Tableau Market:

Tableau is renowned to be the leader of all Business Intelligence tools and is crowned as the Best Data Analytics Tool by Gartner. They included Tableau in the Gartners magic quadrant for the 6th time in a row for its intuitive data analytics features and capabilities.

Tableau Job Opportunities:

Along with soaring demand for Tableau experts there are exemplary rewards attached to it. Browsing top job portals such as Naukri and Indeed, you would numerous job openings for Tableau experts and developers. Tableau professionals are drawing the best salary packages in the IT industry with an average of $91,000 p.a.

Big Data and Tableau:

Many global organizations depend on Hadoop for storing, wangling and analyzing data. Tableau seamlessly integrates with the Big Data Hadoop platform enabling users to easily identify valuable data in the expansive Hadoop datasets, without possessing knowledge of query languages and syntaxes.
This way Tableau expertise can help you comfortably fit into the Hadoop dependent environment.

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What skills and abilities you need to become a Tableau Developer?

A Tableau Developer should possess: 1. A Bachelors degree in Business, Computer Science, or similar field.
2. Experience in whole life cycle development of applications at the enterprise level.
3. Proficiency with SQL in large data sets.
4. Excellent analytical skills as they are needed to analyze the requirements of client or business.
5. Working knowledge of Tableau Software and project experience, such that they can solve any issue that occurs during the development stage.
6. Ability to create innovative solutions to problems within the business.
7. Self-motivation for finding solutions and improvements to systems during the phase of customer testing and prototyping.
8.Strong attention to details for spotting errors in data or coding.
9. Knowledge of Microstrategy and Data Architecture.
10. Effective written and oral communication skills.

How to acquire these skills and become a Tableau Developer?

Acquire a Certification in Tableau! This would not only increase your chances of getting a career jump as a Tableau Developer but also open door to a plethora of career opportunities in Data Analytics. Getting trained and certified in Tableau helps you stand out from the crowd and validates your data analytics knowledge. Achieving Tableau certification and hands-on data analysis project knowledge requires attending a formal tableau training, which is the best way to hone your data analytics skills, learn about different tools and optimize them to the best of business interest.

"Tableau training at Brillica Services not only helps you master the key data analytics skill but also helps you understand statistics fundamentals, work with relational databases, prepare data and implement visual analytics in Tableau. Looking at the high demand for Data Analytics and Tableau professionals, extensive project-based tableau training can help you make yourself best fit for the role of Tableau Developer."

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