Why Power BI is better than Tableau. ?

power bi vs tableau

Power BI and Tableau are the most popular and discussed tool in the Business Intelligence industry. They both have established themselves together of the leaders of the industry. People are still confusing between the two and don’t know which one to use to fulfil their purpose. We, Brillica Services, are here to tell you the pros you will find if you choose Power BI over the Tableau. Both the tools have evolved with time, upgraded and adapted since their existence. Now, lets see the comparison between the 2 and understand the difference between tableau and power bi:


There is no variation between the pricing of the two softwares. Power BI is much cheaper and affordable than Tableau. Keep in mind that this price comparison is given just for individual licenses. Both have different setup and features, so it might be wrong to match both of them generally . These tools are also available in individual and organization versions, with obvious differences in their pricing and facilities. In the enterprise version, there is a shocking price difference between these two as Tableau’s price simply goes on another level for the enterprise users. License for Tableau is provided as per the user needs whereas Power Bi is provided as a separate package.

Integration advantage over Tableau:

Power BI is trusted by Microsoft, so it enjoys inbuilt support of Office 365. It has bundled with Office 365 Enterprise E5 plan, which extends support for other Microsoft products and services which includes Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint. With this inbuilt support, Power BI enables you to use the pre-existing data and analytics structures available on other Office 365 tools. It is very convincing for shops operated by excel. For the analytical shops, this is often an excellent advantage and success. The only thing to stay in mind here is that the info should be from an equivalent source of Power BI report.

Data manipulation:

Converting data into a visual perception is a key feature when it comes to BI tools. Power BI have many other ways of manipulating data, whether it is by generating a report, extracting data via an API or some data modelling. If you manipulate data within Power BI, it's in no time and efficient. As concerning, Power BI is additionally a really influential tool as compared as here you are doing not got to connect Hadoop together with your application unlike Tableau. Small databases can work here too. The counterpart Tableau offers to convert the data into comprehensible insights with gripping graphics. It is as easy as clicking fingers to make an ad-hoc report from the dashboard.

Power BI vs Tableau security features:

As we know, Microsoft takes security breaches very seriously and keeps on patching and updating all its products. The same is the case with the security of Power BI. All the safety protocols and submission needs are checked and followed at the very best level. As a pacesetter of knowledge security, Microsoft keeps investing and expanding on security research. Comparatively, Tableau is nowhere near in terms of privacy and security and doesn't put into the safety aspect the maximum amount . It is more popular for the info visualization part.

Customer Support:

Just like the Microsoft Power BI paid software, Tableau provides the customer with the routine service. The customer support are going to be valid for a full year from the date of subscription. After that customers will need to pay some nominal support fee if they need to stay availing of the premium customer support feature. Extended support are often availed by the purchasers if they need to. In comparison, Power BI provides the users with various support channels in comparison to Tableau. Each channel serves its purpose. One of the tasks is to take care of a dynamic support group. This is mentioned because the “Power BI community” users can post queries, answers and find the simplest practices and walkthrough on certain topics on this forum. Power BI community is hospitable Pro and Premium users. It caters to people with technical requirements in conjunction with administrative purpose. MS 365 administrator centre provides all the users organisation level support. Complaints or queries are generally fixed with the help of a call. Both tools have similar support for patrons and therefore the only major difference is that the paid support that you simply get once you finally plan to purchase the subscription. Apart from that, there is no other visible difference.

ETL/Data Discovery Suite:

Power BI features a scalable and robust tool to perform Extract Transform and cargo operation which beats Tableau in every aspect. Data transformation is that the major work that must be done before a report are often generated. This is one inbuilt feature that you don’t got to search for a 3rd party.


In this Power BI vs Tableau article we concluded that both the software are used in the field of analytics and are used by various audiences but Power BI comes out to be the better in terms of the features and applications which shows the main difference between Tableau & Power BI that we have discussed above.

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