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The Full Stack Developer course starts with the fundamentals of web development, goes over JavaScript and jQuery basics, shows you how to build exceptional user interfaces using Angular or React, helps you create flexible backend applications using Express and Node.js, and shows you how to manage data using MongoDB. We give you skills that are required by the industry right now and make you an expert in Full Stack web development. We provide you with project-based training that will give you a piece of knowledge and experience in technologies like MongoDB, Express, and Node.Js for backend development and technologies like CSS, Javascript, HTML, and React.Js for front-end development. Our course is more focused on providing practical knowledge which will give you a huge advantage over your peers.

Program hightlight

Instructor-led Classroom and Online Training modes

Designed for Working Professionals & Freshers

Work on live projects

Beginner to expert-Level training

Course Details

Full Stack Using MERN (MongoDB, Express, React.Js, Node.Js)



  • Web Development
  • Client server architecture
  • History & Versions

Structure of web page

  • Html elements
  • Types of markup
    • Structural markup
    • Semantic markup
  • Block vs lnline elements
  • Attributes


  • Ordered list
  • Unordered list
  • Definition list


  • Absolute url
  • Relative url
  • Attributes, email link, tel links


  • Table Tags
  • Table Attributes


  • Form tags
  • Form Attributes

Meta Tags


Assignment/Mini Project


Introduction to CSS and Syntax

Advantages of CSS

Types of CSS - in line, internal, external Selectors

CSS Properties

  • Text Properties
  • Color & Background
  • Borders & Outlines
  • Box Model
  • Display & Grid
  • Visual Effects
  • Pseudo Classes and Pseudo Elements
  • CSS Forms
  • Units
  • Positions
  • Transition
  • Transformation
  • Animation
  • Tooltips
  • Media Query
  • Image Gallery
  • Canvas
  • Math Functions and Variable
  • SAAS and Tailwind Introduction
  • Assignments (Template Design)


Basic Javascript

  • Java Script introduction with Features
  • Character set and syntaxes of JS
  • Tokens -String, keyword, identifier, Operator, Variables,
  • If-else and switch
  • Loop and Functions
  • Closure, Currying Function, Prototype, Arrow Function, Anonymous function
  • Dialogue boxes and Events
  • Object and Array
  • Math and Date
  • DOM

Advance Javascript

  • DOM Manipulation & Event Handling
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Form Validation
  • RegExp
  • OOPS
  • JSON
  • API
  • BOM

React Concepts

React Concepts

  • Hello World
  • Introducing JSX
  • Rendering Elements
  • Components and Props
  • State and Lifecycle
  • Handling Events
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Lists and Keys
  • Forms
  • Lifting State Up
  • Composition vs Inheritance
  • Thinking In React

Advance React

  • Accessibility
  • Code-Splitting
  • Context
  • Error Boundaries
  • Forwarding Refs
  • Fragments
  • Higher-Order Components
  • Integrating with Other Libraries
  • JSX In Depth
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Portals
  • React Without JSX
  • Reconciliation
  • Refs and the DOM
  • Render Props
  • Static Type Checking
  • Strict Mode
  • Typechecking With PropTypes
  • Uncontrolled Components
  • Web Components

Redux Concepts

Redux Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Core Concepts
  • Three Principles
  • Redux Setup

Redux Basics

  • Action
  • Action Creators
  • State Shape
  • Handling Actions
  • Handling more actions
  • Store
  • Dispatch Actions

Data Flow and Usage with React

  • Install React Redux
  • Presentational and Container Components
  • Design Component Hierarchy

Async Actions and Async Flow in Redux

  • Actions
  • Synchronous Action Creators
  • Handle Actions
  • Async Action Creators
  • Async Flow

Middleware and React Router

  • Middleware
  • Middleware Applicability
  • React Router Overview
  • React Router Configuration
  • React Router with Redux
  • Navigate with React Router

Advanced Features of Redux

  • Redux on server
  • State management
  • action dispatch
  • reducer store

Node Js


  • Overview of NodeJS
  • Installing NodeJS on windows

Exploring language additions to the VS JavaScript engine

  • Role of Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Global vs. Local NPM installation

Understanding NodeJS

  • Understanding require() and modules
  • Understanding callback execution in the event loop
  • Creating a project
  • The package.json configuration file

Async Actions and Async Flow in Redux

  • Actions
  • Synchronous Action Creators
  • Handle Actions
  • Async Action Creators
  • Async Flow

Middleware and React Router

  • Middleware
  • Middleware Applicability
  • React Router Overview
  • React Router Configuration
  • React Router with Redux
  • Navigate with React Router

Advanced Features of Redux

  • Redux on server
  • State management
  • action dispatch
  • reducer store

Express Framework

Using Express Framework

  • Linear Regression
  • What is Express.js?
  • Installing Express.js
  • Building a Hello Express application

Working with Models, Views, and Routes

  • Creating routes
  • Creating view with ejs & jade engine
  • Using templates
  • Adding partials
  • Using locals and conditional templates
  • Modularizing our routes
  • Working with Data



  • RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases
  • Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases

Working with MongoDB

  • Setting Up MongoDB
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Using Mango DB in Node.js
  • Structuring Your Data for MongoDB
  • Understanding the Basic Operations

Working with Restful web services

  • Getting Data
  • Posting Data
  • Updating Data



Getting Started

  • System Requirements
  • Setup

Basic Features

  • Pages
  • Data Fetching
  • Built-in CSS Support
  • Image Optimization
  • Static File Serving
  • Fast Refersh
  • Typescript
  • Environment Variables


  • Introduction
  • Dynamic Routes
  • Imperative Routing
  • Shallow Routing

API Routes

  • Introduction
  • Dynamic API Routes
  • API Middlewares
  • Response Helpers


AWS Deployment

AWS deployment: AWS DevOps

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS
  • Database services
  • Object Storage
  • Autoscaling and load balancing
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI
  • 1AM and monitoring
  • Configuration management and automation
  • Architecting AWS - whitepaper
  • AWS Architect Questions
  • AWS Migration
  • AWS Security
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Introduction to Devops
  • Software Version Control
  • Containerization using Docker - Part I
  • Containerization using Docker - Part II
  • Configuration Management using Ansible
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Continuous Orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Continuous Monitoring using ELK
  • DevOps on AWS
  • Deploying Infrastructure with Terraform
  • Terraform Modules & Workspaces

Linux Fundamentals

Linux Evolution and Popular Operating systems

  • Debian, Ubuntu (LTS)
  • CentOS, openSUSE, Red Hat, SUSE
  • Linux Mint, Scientific Linux
  • Raspberry Pi, Raspbian
  • Android

Major Open Source Applications

  • OpenOffice.org,LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox, GIMP
  • Nextcloud, ownCloud
  • Apache HTTPD, NGINX, MariaDB, MySQL, NFS, Samba
  • C, Java, JavaScript, Perl, shell, Python, PHP
  • dpkg, apt-get, rpm, yum

Open Source Software and Licensing

  • Copyleft, Permissive
  • GPL, BSD, Creative Commons
  • Free Software, Open Source Software, FOSS, FLOSS
  • Open source business models

ICT Skills and Working in Linux

  • Using a browser, privacy concerns, configuration options
  • searching the web and saving content
  • Terminal and console Password issues
  • Privacy issues and tools
  • Use of common open source applications in
  • presentations and projects

Command Line Basics

  • Bash
  • echo
  • history
  • PATH environment variable
  • export
  • type

Using the Command Line to Get Help

  • man
  • info
  • /usr/share/doc/
  • locate

Using Directories and Listing Files

  • Common options for Is
  • Recursive listings
  • cd
  • .and..
  • home and

Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

  • mv, cp, rm, touch
  • mkdir, rmdir

Archiving Files on the Command Line

  • tar
  • Common tar options
  • gzip, bzip2, xz
  • zip, unzip

Searching and Extracting Data from Files

  • grep
  • less
  • cat, head, tail
  • sort

Turning Commands into a Script

  • #! (shebang)
  • /bin/bash
  • Variables
  • Arguments
  • for loops
  • echo
  • Exit status

Choosing an Operating system

  • GUI versus command line, desktop configuration
  • Maintenance cycles, beta and stable

Understanding Computer Hardware

  • Motherboards, processors, power supplies, optical drives, peripherals
  • Hard drives, solid state disks and partitions, /dev/sd*
  • Drivers

Where Data is Stored

  • ps, top, free
  • syslog, dmesg
  • / etc/, /var/log/
  • /boot/, /proc/, /dev/, /sys/

Your Computer on the Network

  • route, ip route show
  • ifconfig, ip addr show
  • netstat, ss
  • / etc/resolv.conf, / etc/hosts
  • 1Pv4, 1Pv6
  • ping
  • host

Basic Security and Identifying User Types

  • /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group
  • id, last, who, w
  • sudo, su

Creating Users and Groups

  • /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/skel/
  • useradd, groupadd
  • passwd

Managing File Permissions and Ownership

  • Is -1, Is -a
  • chmod, chown

Special Directories and Files

  • /tmp/, /var/tmp/ and Sticky Bit
  • Is -d
  • In -s

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Who Can Apply ?
Job Roles
Frontend developer
Frontend developer are responsible to give look & feel of the website, they have a keen knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.Js, bootstrap that provide them to create any design and UI of a website
Backend developer

Backend developer makes sure that the website is working properly, their main role is to provide the functionality to a website and there is no error while surfing through different features.

Database creation & Management

Creating database where all the data will be stored and fetched when needed. Creating a proper database with proper functionality with no error.

Optimization & responsiveness

A Full Stack web developer ensures that the website is fully optimized & responsive for every device that can be used by a user with fluency.

Maintenance & management

It is also a task of a developer to maintain & manage a website even after it is completed. Fixing bugs and random errors for proper maintenance of a website.

Software developer

If you have skills and knowledge with practical experience then you can easily become a software developer with the skills that you have gathered as a full stack web developer.

Tools To be Covered
Meet the Mentor

Vikas Singh

Full Stack web development Trainer Experience Web Developer & Trainer having profound knowledge in the field of Web design & Development.He has worked on 100+ Web Projects & Trained over 1500 Candidates with an outstanding record of managing & training students.

Student testimonials

Ronak Dua

Data science

Undoubtedly you provide the best Data Science course, I was already impressed in the demo classes and the trainers are so experienced and helping that you will never feel confused and left out, currently i am placed at ML Technologies all because of Brillica services, thanx A ton!

Aayush Rawat

data science

My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their skills should join here, they provide the best Data Science course.

Suman Pandey

Data science

I joined Brillica to take the training of Data Science I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. They also provide the recording which is excellent for revising. The courses in Brillica services are so informative and delivered in a way that is clear and concise.

Srishti Singhal

data science

Really nice experience. I was enrolled in Data Science program and liked the way teachers concentrate on every child even in online classes. Great faculty who supports you even after completion of course. You will not regret investing your money and time here. Just do all the assignments told and you will be good to go. Thanks.

Tech World 2021

data science

I did IOT and Data Science from here . Very nice coaching is really helping me in my carrer . Class mai hasi mazak bhi hota hai . I would highly recommend this place for IOT and Data Science . Enroll today.

Shivam Amoli

data science

Opted for Data science using Python, and it was a great start. All concept were explained by Gurjas sir in every possible way. All doubts cleared. Had a very good experience learning.

Anmol Jaiswal

data science

It was best 6 months spent here to learn data Science skills.

Naincy Prabha

data science

I am from uttranchal University, Uttrakhand.I had a great experience in learning here.
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Brillica Services provides 100% placement assistance to the students and provide them assistance throughout to way so that they can go for the career they want. After the completion of 50% of the course we start preparing students for the interviews, also we provide the information about the latest hirings so that they can apply for it.
We provide interview preparation sessions for the students and provide them knowledge about how to appear in the interviews and help them in improving their communication plus we provide them the insight of how to crack an interview.
Creating a professional profile is very necessary if you want to appear for an interview, we help students in making a professional profile and add the skills they require to add in their resumes.

Brillica Services provides the Full Stack Web Developement certification from E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati which is one of the best certifications that you can get right now. Full Stack Web Developement course E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati certification will add skills that will bring weight to your resume and make you superior amongst your peers with no doubt.

Projects Delivered

Blog Website

Portfolio Website

Content Management System

E-Commerce Website

Chat Application

ERP system

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1.What is full stack web development?

Full stack web development is a study of frontend (look & feel) development & backend(functionality) development of a website which consist of different technologies like HTML, CSS, ReactJs, MongoDB, SQL, NodeJs, etc.

2.Which language is used in full stack web development?

There are several languages that can be used on full stack web development course like python, nodeJs, etc.

3. Who are eligible for full stack developer course?

Generally, anyone can do full stack web development course but if you are from a computer science background or if you have done programming than it will be an easy task for you.

4. What skills you will learn in full stack web development course?

You will learn frontend & backend development techniques and technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript, NodeJs, MongoDB, etc.

5. Is full stack web development in demand?

Yes, it is not only in demand but there are many job opportunities in Full-Stack web development right now and it is expected to grow more in future.