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    About Course

    Business analytics involves the utilization of statistical and data modeling techniques to generate fresh business insights. This process includes the examination of data through business intelligence tools to forecast future outcomes based on the business's historical performance. If you're looking to boost your career prospects in data-driven decision-making, our Best Business Analyst course in Delhi can be a great stepping stone. The program commences with an introduction to statistics. It progresses to cover Exploratory Data Analysis, supervised and unsupervised Data Mining, and text mining. Additionally, it provides in-depth information on the development of machine learning algorithms. The utilization of Deep Learning and Neural Networks for making business decisions is also examined. The program also familiarizes students with Data Visualization using Tableau and fundamental graphs. Gain knowledge of these topics and more in the Best Business Analyst classes in Delhi.

    Benefits Of Doing Business Analyst Course in Delhi from Brillica Services

    The business world increasingly relies on data, and skilled Business Analysts are in high demand. By enrolling in Our Business Analyst course in Delhi, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions, unlocking a rewarding career path. We understand the importance of validation in a competitive job market, and upon successful completion of the course, you may be eligible to earn a recognized Business Analyst certification. This certification serves as a valuable credential, adding credibility to your resume and demonstrating your expertise to recruiters. We also offer comprehensive career guidance and support, providing assistance with crafting a compelling resume, honing your interview skills, and even connecting you with potential job opportunities.

    Whether you're a recent graduate seeking to launch your career or a seasoned professional looking to upskill, We provide flexible learning options to suit your needs. Choose from in-person classes, where you can interact directly with instructors and classmates, or online learning that caters to your busy schedule and preferred learning style. By investing in Business Analyst classes in Delhi at Brillica Services, you're not just acquiring in-demand skills; you're investing in your future, opening doors to a rewarding career in the ever-evolving world of data-driven business solutions.

  • Practical application: In our Business Analyst classes in Delhi Gain hands-on experience through real-world case studies and projects, allowing you to refine your problem-solving skills and build a strong portfolio to impress potential employers.
  • Industry-recognized certification: In our Database Analyst course in Delhi Enhance your resume and validate your expertise with a recognized Business Analyst certification upon course completion.
  • Career guidance and support: Benefit from Our career assistance program. Get help with resume writing, interview preparation, and even job placement opportunities to kickstart your Business Analyst journey.
  • Flexible learning options: In our Business Analytics course in Delhi We offer various learning formats, such as in-person or online classes, allowing you to fit your studies into your busy schedule and learning preferences.
  • Future-Proof Your Career: In Delhi's thriving tech hub, this Database Analyst course in Delhi positions you for success in the data-driven world, opening doors to a rewarding career in Business Analysis.
  • Course Curriculum

    1. Data Analysis Using Excel

  • Overview of the Basics
  • Working with Functions
  • Data Validations
  • Pivot Table & Charts
  • Power pivot
  • Working with Templates
  • Sorting and Filtering data
  • Working with reports
  • More functions -V lookup, H lookup, X lookup
  • Index And Match
  • Formatting
  • Importation of External Data
  • Power query editor
  • Forecast Sheet
  • New Features Of Excel
  • 2. Microsoft PowerBI Training

    Explore the essentials of Data Analytics in our comprehensive Data Analytics Course. Introduction to Microsoft Power BI, the key features of Power BI workflow, Desktop application, Bl service, and file data sources, sourcing data from the web (OData, Azure), building dashboard, data visualization, publishing to the cloud, DAX data computation, row context, filter context, Analytics Pane, creating columns and measures, data drill down and drill up, creating tables, binned tables, data modeling and relationships, the Power BI components like Power View, Map, Query, Pivot, Power Q & A, understanding advanced visualization.

  • Introduction To Microsoft Power BI
  • Extracting Data
  • Power Query for Data Transformation
  • Power Pivot for Data Modeling and Data Analysis Expression — DAX Queries
  • Data Visualization with Analytics
  • Power Q & A
  • Power Bl Desktop & Administration
  • 3. SQL Course Module

  • Difference between DBMS and RDBMS
  • Tables in DBMS
  • How to create and query tables
  • E-R Diagram
  • Normalization
  • Types of keys in DBMS - Unique Key, Primary Key, Foreign Key, null
  • Introduction to constraint
  • Select Statement in DBMS and Clauses
  • SQL Operators & Functions
  • Joins in DBMS - Left Join, Right Join, Inner Join, Outer Join, Self Join
  • String Function in DBMS
  • View, Date, and Time Function in DBMS
  • Stored Procedures In DBMS
  • Querying the Database
  • 4. Data Analysis Using Python

  • Python Introduction
  • What is Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)
  • Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)
  • The Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • The Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib
  • 5. Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Building Linear Regression Models
  • Building Classification Models
  • 6. Tableau Training Course

  • SECTION ONE - Getting Started With Tableau
  • SECTION TWO - Working With Tableau
  • SECTION THREE - Deep Diving with Data and Connections
  • SECTION FOUR - Creating Charts
  • SECTION FIVE - Adding calculations to your workbook
  • SECTION SIX — Mapping Data In Tableau
  • SECTION SEVEN - Dashboards & Stories
  • SECTION EIGHT - Visualizations For An Audience
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    Project Deliverables













    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Those with any level of education interested in pursuing a career in Business Analysis or Analytics.

    Professionals in project management, IT, software development, and systems analysis looking to make a career change.

    Entrepreneurs seeking to utilize data for expansion and well-informed decision-making.

    Those interested in moving into a role that emphasizes working with data

    Recent graduates looking to launch their careers with a competitive advantage.

    Data management or database analysis professionals looking to improve their skill set.

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Business Analyst

    This is the most direct path, where you'll analyze data, translate business requirements, and design solutions using your newly acquired skills.


    Data Analyst

    One can Become a Data Analyst after completing the Business Analysis course in Delhi. The Data Analyst role focuses on extracting insights and trends from large datasets.


    Business Intelligence Analyst

    Business Intelligence Analyst is another option after completing the Business Analyst course in Delhi. This role combines business acumen with data analysis skills. You'll create reports, dashboards, and visualizations to communicate data insights to stakeholders.


    Marketing Analyst

    After completing the Business Analytics course in Delhi you can choose to become a Marketing Analyst. Marketing Analyst Leverage your business understanding and analytical skills to track marketing campaign performance, identify target audiences, and optimize marketing strategies.


    Product Analyst

    Analyze user data and market trends to inform product development, ensuring products meet user needs and achieve business goals. One can become a Product Analyst after completing a Business Analytics course in Delhi.


    Business Systems Analyst

    Combine your business knowledge with technical skills to analyze and improve business processes, ensuring efficiency and alignment with overall business objectives. Business System Analyst is another best option after completing the Business Analysis course in Delhi.

    our faculties

    Data Science & Analytics Trainer

    Prince Kumar

    Data Science & Analytics Trainer

    An Industry-Experienced Data Science and Data Analytics Expert. With a wealth of industry experience, Prince brings comprehensive expertise in the realm of Data Science tools and technologies.His proven track record includes successfully mentoring over 1500 candidates, equipping them with the skills and knowledge essential for excelling in the dynamic field of Data Science.

    Jr. Data Analytics Trainer

    Rajat Khantwal

    Jr. Data Analytics Trainer

    Rajat Khantwal is a skilles and proficient Junior Data Analytics Trainer, equipped with a passion for imparting knowledge and shaping the next generation of data analysts. With a solid foundation in data analytics, Rajat brings a blend of theoretical expertise and practical experience to the training environment.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Rakshit Purohit

    Rakshit Purohit


    I was confused between which technology to go for, Brillica Services provided me the much needed guidance which led me to join their Data Analytics course, and that was really fruitful, Prakash Sir is a very e....

    Ananya Srivastav

    Ananya Srivastav


    Brillica services provided us best data analytics course & data science course with placement. They have best trainers for data science & data analytics course, thanx to the placement team of Brillica Services ....

    Ankita Rawat

    Ankita Rawat


    This is the best institute for data analytics in Delhi. I have worked on different live projects of data analysis and the trainers also have good industry experience to broaden out thinking ability. I would rec....

    Niharika Nayak

    Niharika Nayak


    My experience at Brillica is very good. The teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive in nature. Thankyou for giving me the platform or opportunity where I can learn something in this pandemic if anybody....

    Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh


    I have done data analyst course and i must say that the quality of education is best. Though i have basic knowledge of data analytics but i wanted to expand my knowledge through their guidance. And the instruct....

    Rahul Singh Gariya

    Rahul Singh Gariya


    My name is Rahul and I completed a Digital Marketing Course in Dehradun, at Brillica Services I can confidently say it was a transformative experience. The course is thoughtfully curated to provide a deep und....



    Our Business Analytics program in Delhi is designed to equip you with the essential abilities to analyze Complicated data and produce thorough business reports with efficiency. Upon completion of the Professional Certification in Business Analytics, you will be able to demonstrate your proficiency in extracting valuable insights from business data to improve decision-making procedures. Attain recognition from peers and industry experts by earning this certification from the premier Business Analytics Institute in Delhi.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does the Business Analyst course in Delhi Curriculum cover?

    The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, including Data Analysis using Excel, Microsoft Power BI, SQL, Data Analysis using Python & more.

    2. What are the key benefits of the Business Analysis Course in Delhi?

    The course offers a multitude of benefits, including Practical application, Industry-recognized certification, Career guidance, and support.

    3. Is there any prerequisite knowledge required for this Database Analyst course in Delhi?

    The course is designed to be accessible to a wide range of learners. Prior knowledge of data analysis is helpful, but not mandatory. Brillica Services may offer introductory modules to bridge any foundational gaps.

    4. Who can enroll in the Business Analyst course in Delhi?

    Anyone interested in pursuing a career in Business Analysis or Analytics can enroll in our Business Analyst Course in Delhi, including recent graduates, working professionals, and those looking to transition into a data-driven role.

    5. What kind of certification will I receive upon completing the Business Analysis course in Delhi?

    Upon successful completion of the Business Analysis course in Delhi, you will receive a recognized Business Analyst certification, adding credibility to your resume.

    6. Are there practical projects included in the course?

    Yes, the Business Analytics course in Delhi includes practical projects and case studies to ensure students can apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.

    7. Will I receive job placement assistance after completing the course?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive career guidance and support, including resume writing, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

    8. Can I take this course if I am currently employed?

    Yes, the Business Analyst classes in Delhi offer flexible learning options, including part-time and online classes, making it suitable for working professionals.

    9. What kind of support is provided for online learners?

    Online learners have access to live sessions, recorded lectures, discussion forums, and one-on-one support from instructors.

    10. How does the Business Analytics course in Delhi address the latest industry trends?

    The curriculum is regularly updated to include the latest industry trends, tools, and technologies, ensuring you gain relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

    Best Business Analyst Course in Delhi | Brillica Services

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