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    About Course

    The importance of Cyber Security in today's increasingly digital environment cannot be overstated Technology's ongoing development not only creates new opportunities but also new risks in the form of Cyber threats As more people, organizations, and governments rely on digital platforms, the need to protect sensitive data and uphold online safety has never been more important This is where thorough online Cyber Security Training In Dehradun comes into play, providing people with the information and abilities required to successfully negotiate this challenging environment
    A comprehensive understanding of Cyber Security principles, practices, and methodologies is intended to be provided through the Comprehensive Cyber Security Training In Dehradun Online Course It serves both experts looking to upgrade their current abilities and newbies with little prior experience in Cyber Security Threat assessment, risk management, network Security, cryptography, ethical hacking, and incident response are just a few of the topics covered in the course Join us and get our Cyber Security course Online In Dehradun or offline and enrich your career

    Benefits Of Doing Cyber Security Training In Dehradun

    Given the growing importance of digital technology in our lives, participating in Cyber Security Training In Dehradun offers a wide range of advantages. Following a professional or education in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Course In Dehradun has several benefits, which are listed below.

  • High Demand for Professionals
  • Lucrative Salaries
  • Varied Career Paths
  • Constant Learning and Challenge
  • Contributing to Digital Safety
  • Global Relevance
  • Ethical Hacking and Problem Solving
  • Continuous Growth
  • Course Curriculum

    1. Foot Printing And Reconnaissance

    We have specially curated Cyber Security Training Online In Dehradun & offline course so that students can get in-depth knowledge of all the tools to enhance their Cyber Security & Ethical hacking skills.

  • Foot Printing And Reconnaissance
  • Initial Phase
  • Passive Data Collection
  • Information Types
  • Non-Intrusive
  • Legitimate Use
  • Active Data Collection
  • Network Scanning
  • System Identification
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • 2. Scanning Networks

  • Scanning Networks
  • Types of Network Scans
  • Port Scanning Techniques
  • Banner Grabbing
  • Network Mapping
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • False Positives and Negatives
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Tools and Software
  • Permissions and Authorization
  • 3. Enumeration

  • Information Gathering
  • Steps in Enumeration
  • Purpose of Enumeration
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Mitigation and Protection
  • Defense and Response
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Data Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • 4. Vulnerability Analysis

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Risk Prioritization
  • Mitigation and Remediation
  • 5. System Hacking

  • Unauthorized Access
  • Techniques and Exploits
  • Impact and Prevention
  • 6. Malware Threats

  • Definition
  • Types
  • Impact and Protection
  • 7. Sniffing

  • Packet Monitoring
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Prevention and Encryption
  • 8. Session Hijacking

  • Unauthorized Control
  • Attack Methods
  • Prevention Measures
  • 9. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

  • Evasion Techniques
  • Sophistication and Stealth
  • Countermeasures
  • 10. Hacking Web Servers

  • Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Methods and Objectives
  • Prevention and Security
  • 11. Hacking Web Applications

  • Exploiting Vulnerabilities
  • Impacts and Objectives
  • Prevention and Security
  • 12. SQL Injection

  • Definition
  • Vulnerability Exploitation
  • Prevention and Mitigation
  • 13. Hacking Wireless Networks

  • Unauthorized Access
  • Methods and Goals
  • Securing Wireless Networks
  • 14. Hacking Mobile Platforms

  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Attack Vectors
  • Mitigation and Protection
  • 15. loT Hacking

  • Vulnerable Devices
  • Attack Scenarios
  • Protection and Security
  • 16. Cloud Computing

  • Shared Responsibility
  • Data Protection
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • 17. Cryptography

  • Secure Communication
  • Encryption and Decryption
  • Data Integrity and Authentication
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    Project Deliverables


    Information Gathering Of A Target


    Protocol Analysis With Wire Shark


    DDOS Attack On A Target Website


    Session Hijacking


    Wireless Network Hacking


    Vulnerability Analysis Of A Web Portal

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Beginners With Interest In Cyber Security

    IT Professionals

    Security Enthusiasts

    Professionals Seeking Advancement

    Graduates and Students

    Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Security Analyst

    Security analysts keep an organization's network and systems under surveillance for Security lapses, investigate occurrences, and put Security controls in place to thwart potential assaults They investigate weaknesses and make Security-improving recommendations


    Penetration Tester (Ethical Hacker)

    Systems, networks, and applications are subjected to simulations of Cyber-attacks by penetration testers in order to find weaknesses that nefarious hackers might exploit They offer thorough reports on flaws and make mitigation recommendations


    Security Engineer

    To secure an organization's IT infrastructure, Security engineers create, deploy, and manage Security solutions They work on intrusion detection/prevention systems, firewalls, encryption, and other Security measures


    Security Consultant

    Organizations can benefit from the experience of Security consultants who can assist them review their Security posture, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and create Cyber Security improvement plans They could work on their own or for consulting businesses



    For the purpose of securing data during transmission and storage, cryptographers create and break encryption schemes They are essential in creating authentication mechanisms and secure communication standards


    Security Architect

    The overall Security architecture of an organization's IT systems is designed and planned by Security architects They design Security policies, pick suitable technologies, and make sure Security measures complement corporate goals.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Kalpana Chhetri

    Kalpana Chhetri


    I have done CCNA and cyber security training. I had such a wonderful experience with Brillica services. The best part during my training was that my mentor and trainers also focused to trained me on practical....




    The best and most important thing of this organization is Best mentor. Co-founder yogendra singh negi (sir) is super, friendly with everyone and mr.cool😊 . I had an unforgettable experience when he was teachin....

    Tushar Bahuguna

    Tushar Bahuguna


    Excellent teaching programs and facilities faculty interaction is superb. I personally took one of the training programs and it's too good .... definitely should take one of the programmes. ....

    Srishti Singhal

    Srishti Singhal


    Really nice experience. I was enrolled in a Data Science program and liked the way teachers concentrated on every child even in online classes. Great faculty who supports you even after completion of course. Yo....

    Anmol Jaiswal

    Anmol Jaiswal


    It was the best 6 months spent here to learn data Science skills.....

    Naincy Prabha

    Naincy Prabha


    I am from uttaranchal University, Uttrakhand.I had a great experience in learning here.....



    You will receive a merited certificate recognizing your accomplishment after successfully completing your Cyber Security Course In Dehradun This certificate serves as both a tangible reminder of your success and a testament to your commitment to and knowledge of the field of Cyber Security.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I get Certification of Ethical Hacking Course In Dehradun in 3 months?

    Yes, you can easily master it in 3 months if you invest enough practice and time into learning modules and execute them correctly

    2. Is Cyber Security Training a good career?

    In the technological world, which is susceptible to Security dangers, a career as an ethical hacker or Cyber Security analyst can be a very wise choice

    3. what is Cyber Security Courses?

    The study of tools and strategies to create a system that will safeguard your data and defend against Cyber-attacks is a component of a Cyber Security course

    4. What ethical hackers actually do?

    Experts in Cyber Security known as "white-hat hackers," or "ethical hackers," use their knowledge to uncover Security flaws in software, networks, computer systems, and other digital assets with the permission of the asset's owner

    5. Is Cyber Security need coding?

    Yes, different levels of coding are utilized regularly in Cyber Security Although advanced coding skills are not required for all Cyber Security professions, having a fundamental understanding of coding and scripting languages can be quite beneficial

    6. Which language is used in Cyber Security?

    PowerShell, Perl, Python, and Bash (Shell Scripting) are some of the most popular languages used in Cyber Security

    7. Where can I learn Cyber Security Courses Online In Dehradun?

    The best source of online Cyber Security Course In Dehradun is Brillica Services, which also offers comprehensive Cyber Security Training In Dehradun and ethical hacking Course In Dehradun

    8. Where can I get Ethical Hacking Certification in Dehradun online?

    The best source of complete Training and Ethical Hacking Certification in Dehradun from Brillica Services

    9. Is it good to do a Cyber Security course Online In Dehradun?

    You can get the best Cyber Security course Online In Dehradun from Brillica Services with recordings provided of each class

    Best Cyber Security Course In Dehradun With Certification

    2nd & 3rd Floor, Brillica Services, Shimla Bypass Rd, opp. Bank of India, PNB Vihar, Majra, Shewala Kala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001