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    About Course

    Are you Interested in the role of an Azure administrator? Our specialized Azure administrator course equips you with the tools and techniques to manage Azure environments effectively. From provisioning and managing virtual machines to optimizing costs and ensuring security. Upon completing this course, you'll emerge with the confidence to take on the multifaceted responsibilities of an Azure administrator. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer to the cloud landscape, our Azure administrator course will empower you to navigate the complexities of cloud management and excel in your career.

    Azure certification in Dehradun

    Elevate your career prospects with our top-notch Azure certification program. Our expert trainers guide you through the learning process, ensuring you're well-prepared to excel in the Azure certification in Dehradun exams, Stand out from the crowd and showcase your Azure prowess with a globally recognized certification from Brillica Services. With the cloud revolution in full swing, an Azure certification has become a symbol of excellence in the tech world. At Brillica Services, we don't just prepare you to pass exams – we prepare you for success. Our Azure certification in Dehradun program is meticulously crafted to ensure you not only earn the certification but also carry the skills and knowledge to excel in real-world scenarios.

    Explore with Our Azure course in Dehradun

    Our Azure course in Dehradun goes beyond theoretical concepts, immersing you in practical experiences that mirror real-world scenarios. Led by seasoned experts in the field, the course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. Whether you're a beginner eager to grasp the basics or a professional aiming to enhance your Azure prowess, our course caters to all skill levels. At Brillica Services, we offer meticulously designed Azure training in Dehradun, which caters to both beginners and experienced IT professionals. Our curriculum is crafted to provide a holistic understanding of Azure's intricate ecosystem. Whether you're an aspiring cloud enthusiast or a seasoned developer, our courses will empower you to harness Azure's capabilities effectively.

    Course Curriculum

    1. Skills Measured

  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15-20%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (20-25%)
  • Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10-15%)
  • 2. Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Objects

  • Create users and groups
  • Manage licenses in Azure AD
  • Create administrative units
  • Manage user and group properties
  • Manage device settings and device identity
  • Perform bulk updates
  • Manage guest accounts
  • Configure self-service password reset
  • 3. Manage access control

  • Create custom role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure AD roles
  • Provide access to Azure resources by assigning roles at different scopes
  • Interpret access assignments
  • 4. Manage Azure subscriptions and governance

  • Configure and manage Azure Policy
  • Configure resource locks
  • Apply and manage tags on resources
  • Manage resource groups
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage costs by using alerts, budgets, and recommendations
  • Configure management groups
  • 5. Configure access to storage

  • Configure network access to storage accounts
  • Create and configure storage accounts
  • Generate shared access signature tokens
  • Configure stored access policies
  • Manage access keys
  • Configure Azure AD authentication for a storage account
  • Configure storage encryption
  • 6. Manage data in Azure storage accounts

  • Create import and export jobs
  • Manage data by using Azure Storage Explorer and AzCopy
  • Implement Azure Storage redundancy
  • Configure object replication
  • 7. Configure Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage

  • Create an Azure file share
  • Configure Azure Blob Storage
  • storage tiers
  • Configure blob lifecycle management
  • 8. Automate deployment of resources by using templates

  • Modify an ARM template
  • Deploy a template
  • Save a deployment as an ARM template
  • Deploy virtual machine (VM) extensions
  • 9. Create and configure VMs

  • Create a VM
  • Manage images by using the Azure Compute Gallery
  • Configure Azure Disk Encryption
  • Move VMs from one resource group to another
  • Manage VM sizes
  • Add data disks
  • Configure VM network settings
  • Configure VM availability options
  • Deploy and configure VM scale sets
  • 10. Create and configure containers

  • Configure sizing and scaling for Azure Container Instances
  • Configure container groups for Azure Container Instances
  • Configure storage for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Configure scaling for AKS
  • Configure network connections for AKS
  • Upgrade an AKS cluster
  • 11. Create and configure an Azure App Service

  • Create an App Service plan
  • Configure scaling settings in an App Service plan
  • Create an App Service
  • Secure an App Service
  • Configure custom domain names
  • Configure backup for an App
  • Configure networking settings
  • Configure deployment settings
  • 12. Configure virtual networks

  • Create and configure virtual networks and subnets
  • Create and configure virtual network peering
  • Configure private and public IP addresses
  • Configure user-defined network routes
  • Configure Azure DNS
  • 13. Configure secure access to virtual networks

  • Create and configure network security groups (NSGs) and application security groups (ASGs)
  • Evaluate effective security rules
  • Implement Azure Bastion
  • Configure service endpoints on subnets
  • Configure private endpoints
  • 14. Configure load balancing

  • Configure Azure Application Gateway
  • Configure an internal or public load balancer
  • Troubleshoot load balancing
  • 15. Monitor virtual networking

  • Monitor on-premises connectivity
  • Configure and use Azure Monitor for networks
  • Use Azure Network Watcher
  • 16. Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor

  • Configure and interpret metrics
  • Configure Azure Monitor Logs
  • Query and analyze logs
  • Set up alerts and actions
  • Configure monitoring of VMs, storage accounts, and networks by using VM insights
  • 17. Implement backup and recovery

  • Create an Azure Recovery Services vault
  • Create an Azure Backup vault
  • Create and configure backup policy
  • Perform backup and restore operations by using Azure Backup
  • Configure Azure Site Recovery for Azure resources
  • Perform failover to a secondary region by using Azure Site Recovery
  • Configure and review backup reports
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Aspiring Cloud Professionals

    IT Professionals


    Aspiring Azure DevOps Engineers

    Business and IT Leaders

    Anyone Seeking Innovation

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Azure Administrator

    After completing Azure course in Dehradun one can become Azure Administrator. As an Azure Administrator, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining Azure cloud infrastructure, ensuring high availability, security, and optimal performance. This role involves tasks such as resource provisioning, monitoring, troubleshooting, and implementing best practices for Azure environments.


    Azure Developer

    The role of an Azure Developer involves developing and deploying cloud-native applications and solutions on the Azure platform. You'll work with various Azure services and technologies to create scalable and efficient applications. Azure Developer is one more option after completing Azure course in Dehradun.


    Azure Devops Engineer

    As completing Azure training in Dehradun, one can apply for Azure Devops Engineer. As an Azure DevOps Engineer you'll be responsible for implementing and managing CI/CD pipelines, automating deployment processes, and ensuring the smooth integration of development and operations within Azure environments.


    Cloud Solutions Architect

    As a certified professional with Azure certification in Dehradun, you're poised to become a Cloud Solutions Architect. Your ability to design scalable architectures aligns perfectly with the principles emphasized during your Azure course.


    Azure Security Specialist

    This role involves securing Azure environments, implementing security policies, conducting audits, and responding to security incidents. Azure Security Specialists play a critical role in safeguarding cloud resources. Azure Security Specialist is one more best option after completing Azure course in Dehradun


    Azure Consultant

    Your Azure training in Dehradun uniquely qualifies you for the Azure Consultant role. Organizations seeking to embrace the cloud will benefit from your insights, shaped by your Azure training, as you guide them through the process.


    Azure Data Engineer

    Your Azure course in Dehradun equips you to step into the role of an Azure Data Engineer. Your skills in managing and analyzing data, fostered through your Azure course, are essential in the era of data-driven decision-making.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Yousuf Ahmad

    Yousuf Ahmad


    It was a great experience for me to learn in Brillica services . I liked the way of teaching very easy to understand and also the friendly atmosphere . The course is also structured very well by the sir/Madam .....

    Niharika Punyamanthula

    Niharika Punyamanthula


    It was a great learning experience with you yogendra sir. You were indeed a awesome and excellent trainer😊. You solved all our queries and our silly 🀭 requests with such patience and in a detailed way so that....

    Tushar Bahuguna

    Tushar Bahuguna


    The course was really informative. All the topics were covered in great detail. The faculty was very soft spoken and explained every topic with a lot of examples. Overall a really good experience.....

    Ashutosh Saxena

    Ashutosh Saxena


    Excellent teaching programs and facilities+ faculty interaction is superb i personally took one of the training program and it's too good .... definitely should take one of the programme.....

    Prerna Pakhawal

    Prerna Pakhawal


    It was really a great session. Came to know about exel more in detail. Thank you for all your efforts and the way you explained each and every thing in detail. It really polished our skills and get to know more....

    Manoj Joshi

    Manoj Joshi


    Nice place to enhance the skills, keep yourself update with latest technology in market, take the courses and do whenever, wherever you want, nice latest updated trainers with cool presentation skills. Most rec....

    Aayush Rawat

    Aayush Rawat


    My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their ski....



    The Azure Course in Dehradun helps you to get ready for the most desirable career domain. We provide courses in multiple domains that specifically focus on IT, the Technology field is growing very fast, and right now there are ample opportunities for everyone, the positive aspect is that if you do not have the IT background but you have the skills required according to the industries then there is no stopping you, make your career future proof and get upgraded according to the need of time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the Azure course in Dehradun offered by Brillica Services?

    Our Azure course in Dehradun is a comprehensive program designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. It covers a wide range of topics, including Azure administration, development, security, and more.

    2. What makes Brillica Services stand out for Azure training in Dehradun?

    Brillica Services is known for its industry-experienced trainers and hands-on approach. Our Azure training in Dehradun goes beyond theory, offering practical insights and real-world scenarios to ensure you're well-prepared for Azure-related job roles.

    3. Can I pursue an Azure administrator course in Dehradun at Brillica Services?

    Absolutely! We offer an Azure administrator course in Dehradun that focuses on building your skills to effectively manage Azure environments. From provisioning resources to ensuring security, this course equips you for Azure administration roles.

    4. What's the significance of Azure certification in Dehradun from Brillica Services?

    Azure certification in Dehradun holds immense value in today's competitive job market. It validates your expertise in Azure technologies, making you a sought-after candidate for roles in cloud administration, development, and more.

    5. How does the Azure administrator course prepare me for real-world scenarios?

    Our Azure administrator course is designed with a practical focus. You'll engage in hands-on labs and projects that simulate real-world challenges. This hands-on experience ensures that you're not just learning theory but gaining the skills needed for Azure administration roles.

    6. Are job placement assistance or networking opportunities included in the training?

    Yes, we provide job placement assistance and offer networking opportunities to our students. We understand the importance of connecting with industry professionals and helping you transition into relevant job roles after completing your training and certification.

    7. Can I combine multiple Azure courses for a comprehensive skill set?

    Absolutely! You can combine our Azure courses to create a customized learning path that aligns with your career goals. Whether you're interested in Azure administration, development, or DevOps, we have courses that can be tailored to your needs.

    8. How do I get started with the Azure course in Dehradun at Brillica Services?

    To get started, simply visit our website and explore the Azure course options available. You can enroll online, and our team will guide you through the registration process. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.

    Azure training in Dehradun | Best Azure course in Dehradun

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