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    About Course

    The Django Course is a comprehensive program aimed at teaching people how to build web applications using the Django web framework. Django is a popular and powerful Python framework known for its versatility and ease of use. In a Django Course, students typically cover a wide range of topics, including setting up a development environment, building web applications from scratch, maintaining databases, implementing user authentication, and project distribution on the web. These Courses often include practical exercises, projects, and practical examples that help students apply what they have learned. These Courses also emphasize web development best practices, including security issues and optimization techniques. Additionally, many Django Courses include integration with third-party libraries and APIs, allowing students to extend the functionality of their web applications.
    The best Django Course equips individuals with the knowledge necessary to build dynamic, feature-rich web applications and enables them to contribute to the ever-growing world of web development.

    Benefits Of Doing Django Course

    Enrolling in a Django Course offers a multitude of benefits for aspiring web developers and those looking to enhance their programming skill. First and foremost, learning Django Course is a beneficial addition to one's skill set because it is a popular and strong web framework. You can quickly create web apps by learning Django, which will save you time and effort during the development process. Additionally, Django Course emphasis on security and best practises guarantees that you gain the skills required to develop reliable, secure, and maintainable web applications. Furthermore, Django's adaptability makes it appropriate for a range of projects, from straightforward webpages to intricate, data-driven apps, broadening your options for employment in web development. Additionally, the Django community is vibrant and helpful, providing a variety of information.

    Why Choosse Brillica Services For Your Django Training

    For your Django Training, choose Brillica Services because we provide a thorough and hands-on learning environment that will enable you to succeed in the web development industry. You will receive top-notch Training thanks to the years of industry experience our team of knowledgeable educators has to offer. At Brillica, we promote a welcoming learning environment, give adaptable learning options, and offer Certifications to verify your abilities. Join us to realise your potential and confidently launch a fulfilling career in Django web development.

    Expert Instructors: Brillica Services is staffed by industry experts with extensive experience in Django Training. Our instructors have a deep understanding of best practices and real-world applications of Django Course, ensuring you receive top-notch Training.

    Practical Learning: We prioritize hands-on experience. Our Django Courses are project-focused, allowing you to apply your knowledge immediately. Practical projects mirror real-world scenarios, enabling you to build a portfolio of work during your Training.

    Certification: A Certification that attests to your abilities and knowledge will be given to you once you have successfully completed one of our Django Courses. This qualification will help you progress professionally and look good on your resume.

    Proven Track Record: Brillica Services has a demonstrated history of success in offering top-notch technical Training. Our former students have found successful employment in Django Training and related industries.

    Industry Best Practices: At Brillica, you'll learn not just how to code but how to code right. We emphasize industry-standard best practices, ensuring you adopt clean coding conventions, security measures, and project organization techniques used by professionals.

    Placement assistance: Brillica Services provides placement assistance to its Django Training students. They have tie-ups with top IT companies to help students get placed in good jobs.

    Course Curriculum

    1. Course Curriculum

    Our Django Course curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience in web development using the Django framework. Starting from the fundamentals of web development, students will progress through a series of modules covering essential topics such as database management, user authentication, dynamic web pages, RESTful API development, testing, debugging, deployment, and best practices. Each module is packed with hands-on assignments and real-world projects, ensuring that students not only grasp the theoretical concepts but also gain practical skills. With a focus on industry standards and best practices, our curriculum equips students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in Django web development. By the end of the Course, students will have a diverse portfolio of projects, a strong understanding of Django, and the confidence to tackle complex web development challenges.

    2. Introduction

  • What is Django?
  • Scope of Django
  • Architecture
  • Models/Views/Templates
  • Questions
  • 3. Web Framework

  • Software designed to develop web application
  • Client Side: HTML/HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/Jquery
  • 4. History

  • 2003, Django Software Foundation
  • 20% market share in Silicon Valley, Second place after ruby
  • Developed with Python
  • 5. Introduction To Web Framework

  • What is a server, HTTP Request, and HTTP Response?
  • What is a web framework and web application?
  • Challenges in developing web applications.
  • Django overview and installation
  • 6. Models

  • The MVC Development Pattern
  • Defining Models using Python classes
  • Defining Model data fields
  • Initializing model using makemigrations
  • Running model initialization using migrate
  • Registering models in settings.py
  • Registering models with Admin site
  • 7. Views And URLconfs

  • Understanding the view layer
  • Requesting a web page via URL
  • Rendering web page via view function
  • Render HTTPResponse to templates
  • Understanding context data and Python dictionary type
  • 8. Forms

  • Form basics
  • GET and POST methods
  • Form validation
  • Rendering forms
  • ModelForm
  • 9. Working With Static File

  • Creating static repository
  • Loading static files
  • Adding image file to template
  • 10. Starting A Django Powered Project

  • Django project architecture
  • Understanding manage.py, Understanding settings.py, Understanding_init_.py and wsgi.py
  • Understanding urls.py and Python regular expression
  • 11. Starting Your First Web Application Django Project Architecture

  • Understanding admin.py, Understanding models.py, Understanding views.py
  • Running Django development server
  • Working with JavaScript & CSS files.
  • 12. Templates Developing Standard Web Template

  • Template tags
  • Filters in templates
  • Template API
  • 13. Django Admin

  • Activating the Admin interface
  • Creating super user for Admin site
  • Using the Admin site
  • How to use the Admin site
  • The django.contrib package
  • 14. Advance Models, Views, Forms And Admin

  • Understanding model fields in depth, Database function
  • Model managers
  • Django ORM
  • Class based views
  • File submission
  • Making admin more robust
  • 15. Extending Templates

  • Creating a template library
  • Writing custom template filter
  • Writing custom templates tags
  • Registering the tags
  • Setting a variable in the context
  • Writing template loader
  • 16. Testing In Django

  • Testing DjangoProject/App
  • Writing a unit test
  • Deploying Web Application
  • Deploying Django application on GitHub
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Web Developers- Experienced web developers looking to showcase their proficiency in Django can benefit from Certification.

    Programmers and Coders- Those with a background in programming, including Python, who want to specialize in web development often pursue Django Certification to demonstrate their abilities in building web applications.

    Students and Graduates- Students studying computer science or related fields can apply for Django Certification to supplement their academic qualifications and stand out to potential employers.

    Career Changers- Individuals transitioning into the field of web development can use Django Certification to signal their commitment and competence in this area, even if they have limited prior experience.

    Freelancers-Freelance web developers can pursue Django Certification to establish credibility with clients, secure higher-paying projects, and compete effectively in the gig economy. Tech Enthusiasts: Django Certification is also open to tech enthusiasts and self-learners who are passionate about web development and want formal recognition of their skills.

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Django Developer

    The most direct career path after a Django Course, where you become a Django specialist. Django developers are responsible for building and maintaining web applications using the Django framework. They work on the back-end development, ensuring the functionality and performance of web applications.


    Full-Stack Developer

    With Django Training, you can also choose to become a full-stack developer. These professionals are proficient in both front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side) development. You'll work on the entire web application stack, from databases and server logic to the user interface and user experience.


    Python Developer

    Django is built on Python, so your Django Course can lead to opportunities as a Python developer. Python developers work on a wide range of projects, including web development, data analysis, machine learning, and more.


    Web Application Developer

    As a web application developer, you'll focus on creating interactive and user-friendly web applications. Your Django skills will be crucial for building the server-side components and ensuring seamless functionality.


    Back-End Developer

    Back-end developers, sometimes known as server-side developers, are responsible for the server logic, databases, and application architecture. Django Training prepares you for this role, where you'll ensure the performance and security of web applications.


    Software Engineer

    With a strong foundation in Django and web development, you can pursue a broader career as a software engineer after the Django Course. This role encompasses designing, developing, and maintaining software applications beyond web development.

    our faculties

    Web Development Instructor

    Raghwandra Singh

    Web Development Instructor

    Backend Developer & Trainer having profound knowledge in the field of Web Development.He has worked on multiple Web Projects & Trained over 500+ Candidates with an outstanding record of managing & training students.

    Web Development Instructor

    Nitin Bela

    Web Development Instructor

    Web Development Trainer having profound knowledge in the field of Web Designing.He hasTrained over 500+ Candidates with an outstanding record of managing & training students.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Raghav Gupta

    Raghav Gupta


    Completed my web development course today and I am happy to say that I enjoyed learning here, the learning environment was great i got the best full stack web development course and I am glad that I have found....

    Shivam Rana

    Shivam Rana


    I am from JBIT and I had a great experience of learning full stack development in our summer internship. Trainers are very supportive. The training program provided by Brillica service is great. I learn full st....

    Siddharth Kothiyal

    Siddharth Kothiyal


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    Naveen Gusain

    Naveen Gusain


    I am from Uttaranchal University (UIT). I had a great experience in full stack development internship during summer . The trainers are good and they help us a lot.!....

    Ayaan Rao

    Ayaan Rao


    I am from UIT and i had a great experience of learning full stack development in our summer internship. Trainers are very supportive.....

    Sahil Panwar

    Sahil Panwar


    I am from uit and I had a great experience of learning full Stack development in our summer internship. Trainers are very supportive.....

    Neeraj Chauhan

    Neeraj Chauhan


    l learned full stack development under brillica servives ,and the teaching methods are so good and the teachers are also very supportive....

    Anand Sharma

    Anand Sharma


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    Kalpana Bhatt

    Kalpana Bhatt


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    Shivani Anthwal


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    Ankit Singh

    Ankit Singh


    Brillica Services is a great learning platform. Very nice faculty and supportive team.. I am very thankful to my trainers Mr. Vikash sir ji and Bhumika ma'am best full stack web development experience.....

    Ankit Pundir

    Ankit Pundir


    Brillica services is one of the best institutes I have found till now. I studied Full stack development from them, they are really best in teaching. If anyone wants to study any technology brillica services is....




    Completed my web development course today and i am happy to tell that i enjoyed learning here, the learning environment was great.....

    Garima Mamgain

    Garima Mamgain


    I Completed my Full stack development training program from Brillica services and it was amazing experience. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Vikas sir and Raghav sir for their exceptional tea....



    Django Certification is a formal recognition of a developer's expertise and proficiency in using the Django web framework. It serves as a valuable credential that can enhance your career prospects in web development and related fields. A Django Certification typically involves passing an examination or completing a comprehensive project to demonstrate proficiency in building web applications, managing databases, handling user authentication, and adhering to best practices in web development. Obtaining a Django Certification can boost your credibility as a developer and open up new job opportunities in the field of web development and backend engineering. .

    Upon successful completion of the Course from brillica services you will receive our Data Analytics certificate of completion. This certificate is a well-deserved recognition of your achievement and demonstrates your proficiency in the field of machine learning.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does it take to learn a Django Course?

    Learning a Django Course typically takes a few months of consistent effort, but mastery can take years of practice.

    2. Is prior programming experience required?

    Prior programming experience is helpful but not always required to learn a Django Course.

    3. What will I learn in this Training on Django?

    Database administration, user authentication, building dynamic web pages, developing RESTful APIs, testing, debugging, deployment, and other topics are all covered in this Django Course. You'll learn in-depth information and useful techniques for Django web development.

    4. What job opportunities are available after completing a Django Course?

    After completing a Django Course, you can pursue jobs like web developer, backend developer, full-stack developer, etc.

    5. Can I build my own web application after learning Django?

    Yes, you can build your own web applications after learning Django.

    6. Do Django Courses cover front-end development as well?

    Django Courses primarily focus on back-end development, but you can combine Django with front-end technologies to become a full-stack developer.

    7. When the Training is over, will I be given a certificate?

    Yes, you will obtain a Certification as a Django Web Developer after satisfactorily completing the Django Course and passing the final project review. This qualification verifies your abilities and may improve your job prospects.

    8. Does the Course require any specialized software or equipment?

    A PC with internet connectivity is required. Although Python and Django should already be installed, we'll offer instructions on setting up the development environment as part of the Course.

    9. Is assistance offered if I have questions or run into problems while taking the Course?

    Absolutely! We provide assistance through Online forums where you may communicate with teachers and other students and ask questions. Our objective is to create a welcoming environment for learning.

    Best Django Course With Certification

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