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    About Course

    For those who want to master SAP's unique programming language, the SAP ABAP Course in Dehradun is a crucial Course. This language is used to modify, create, and maintain SAP applications. This course covers a wide range of topics, including how to write in ABAP, how data functions, and how to connect various SAP components. Participants in the Training get knowledge of how to create reports, tools, and forms. Additionally, they discover SAP's unique lexicon and how it interacts with databases.
    Students typically complete projects and practical exercises during the SAP ABAP Course in Dehradun to ensure they can apply what they have learned. Additionally, they occasionally pick up more difficult skills like connecting to SAP HANA, using web services, and optimizing processes. People are prepared for positions in SAP development, consulting, or system management after completing the Course. They possess the expertise to improve SAP's performance for various enterprises, which is crucial in the field of business software and resource management.

    Benefits of doing SAP ABAP Certification in Dehradun

    There are very few software programs that are as popular or as widely utilized as SAP. You can have a terrific career with greater money and opportunities for advancement if you become certified in it. After completing your Training at Brillica Services, the top SAP ABAP Training in Dehradun, you will receive the following advantages.

  • Career Opportunities Open doors to SAP development, consulting, and system administration roles.
  • Higher Earning Potential Certified ABAP professionals often command higher salaries.
  • Skill Validation Validates proficiency in SAP ABAP.
  • Industry Recognition Enhances credibility in the job market.
  • Global Opportunities SAP is used worldwide, offering international job prospects.
  • Job Security ABAP skills are in demand, providing job stability.
  • Contribution to Business Success Customize SAP solutions to boost efficiency.
  • Personal Satisfaction Achieve career growth and personal pride.
  • Access to Resources Gain access to SAP support and resources.
  • Professional Development Continuous learning and advancement in SAP technologies.
  • Course Curriculum

    1. Course Curriculum

    Regular SAP ABAP Course Online in Dehradun or offline will often teach crucial skills including writing in ABAP, dealing with various kinds of data, and creating programs that adhere to predefined criteria. Additionally, it demonstrates how to connect to databases, leverage the unique lexicon provided by SAP, and make reports, forms, tools, and processes. They occasionally also cover more complex topics like web services, connecting to SAP HANA, and speeding up processes. To put what they learn into practice, students complete projects and practical activities. Students can find employment in SAP development, consulting, or system management after completing the Course since they are familiar with how to modify, create, and administer SAP software.

    2. Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction & Overview of SAP
  • SAP modules at a Glance
  • ABAP Dictionary Concepts
  • Tables, Data Elements and Domains
  • Transparent, Pooled and clustered tables
  • Buffering, Indexes etc.
  • Structure, Table types and Type pools
  • Views, Search helps and Lock objects
  • 3. Data Types

  • Character, Integer
  • Numeric Character
  • Floating Point
  • Packed Decimals
  • Time, Date, Strings
  • 4. Loops & Branches

  • Do, Do n times, While
  • If, If Else, if Ladder, Case
  • Small Programs
  • Factorial program
  • Indentation
  • Code Inspector
  • Extended Program Check
  • 5. ABAP Programming Basics

  • I/O Statements, Formatting commands
  • String and Date operations and System fields
  • Fields Strings
  • Text Elements
  • Open SQL statements and performance issues
  • Messages (Creating and Calling etc.)
  • Modularization (Subroutines, Function Modules, and Includes)
  • Field Symbols
  • Debugging programs (Break Points, Watch points, etc.)
  • Extended syntax check
  • Runtime Analysis, Performance Trace
  • 6. Structures & Internal Tables

  • Over View of Structures
  • Similar Structures creation
  • Different Structures
  • Different structures with Extra Fields
  • Over View of Internal Tables
  • Similar Internal tables creation
  • Different Internal tables
  • Different Internal tables with Extra Fields
  • Modify Operation on Internal Table
  • Delete Operation on Internal Tables
  • Sorting Of internal tables (Sort)
  • Searching Techniques Of internal Table
  • 7. Modularization Techniques

  • Over view of Modularization
  • Macros
  • Includes
  • Subroutines
  • Function Modules
  • 8. Reports

  • Classical Report Events
  • Control Level Commands (AT First, AT New etc.)
  • Selection Screen: Parameters
  • Select options and variants
  • Selection screen designing
  • Interactive report events
  • Menu painter: Designing and calling GUI Status
  • System fields of reports
  • ALV reporting
  • 9. Module Pools

  • Over view of Module pools
  • Creation of Create button
  • Creation of Display
  • Creation of Sub screens
  • Creation of Tab Strip
  • Creation of Table Control
  • Creation of Save button to update Data Base
  • 10. Dialog Programs

  • ABAP Memory and SAP Memory
  • LUW and Update bundling technique
  • Screens, flow logic events and Module pool
  • Basic Screen elements (I/O field, Radio buttons and Check box, etc.)
  • Maintaining screen sequences (Set screen, Call Screen and leave to screen)
  • Calling Programs (Submit, Call Transaction)
  • Sub screens and modal Screens
  • Table Controls, and Tabstrips
  • 11. File Handling

  • Data Transfer Scenarios and methods
  • BDC session method (Creating, Processing, Analyzing and Correction errors in Sessions)
  • Recording Technique
  • BI Session features, Status and OK codes
  • Call Transaction method (Options, Tracing errors and Correction)
  • Background Processing (Creating, Scheduling and Monitoring Jobs)
  • 12. SAP Scripts

  • Form designing (Pages, Windows, Page windows and Paragraphs etc.)
  • SAP Script symbols
  • Control commands
  • Standard Text and Styles
  • Inserting Logos (TIFF and Bitmap images)
  • Modifications to Form and Print program
  • Debugging, copying forms, etc.
  • 13. Smart Forms

  • Smart form and Form Logic
  • Calling a Form from print program
  • Different types of nodes (Page, Table, Loop etc.)
  • Difference between SAP Script and Smart Forms
  • 14. Enhancements

  • Changing SAP Standard
  • User Exits and Customer exits
  • Implementing Function, Menu, Screen exits
  • BADI
  • 15. ALE

  • Distributed Systems
  • ALE Services and features
  • ALE Inbound and Outbound process
  • ALE Configuration (Logical systems, RFC, Model view, Port, Partner Profiles etc.)
  • ALE Distribution Scenarios
  • 16. IDOC

  • Features and structure of IDOC
  • Idoc type and Message type
  • Segment definition and components
  • Creating Segments
  • Creating Idoc types (Basics Type and Extension)
  • Crating Message types and Process codes
  • Developing Selection and Posting programs
  • Idoc Enhancements
  • 17. RFC

  • Introduction of RFC
  • Communication mechanisms through RFC
  • ABAP interfaces (RFC, tRFC, ARFC)
  • Difference between tRFC and AzRFC
  • 18. ALV (ABAP List Viewer)

  • Over view of ALV
  • ALV List Display
  • ALV Grid Display
  • ALV Catalog Creation
  • 19. LSMW

  • Over view of LSMW
  • Creation of Project, Sub Project, Object Type
  • Creation of Batch Input Using Recording Mode
  • Steps to Create LSMW
  • 20. Work Flow

  • Over view of Work Flow
  • Creation of prefix
  • Creation of Standard tasks
  • Creation of Standard Template
  • Creation of Workflow builder
  • 21. BAPI

  • SAP Business Objects Business Object Builder and BOR
  • Features and applications of BAPI
  • Creating Business Object types
  • Developing BAPIs
  • Working with a standard BAPI
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    Project Deliverables


    Report development to display customers


    New purchase order creation


    Sales tax calculation of an order


    Notification program for order shipment


    Report creation for inventory items


    Program to create customer invoice

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    People who aspire to become SAP development professionals and work with computers.

    People who already work with SAP systems and want to learn more about them to help their employers more.

    Employees who wish to gain technical expertise

    Those looking to start working in SAP development who have recently finished their education in computer science, IT, or a similar field.

    Database administrators who wish to link and enhance the performance of SAP's databases.

    Diverse individuals with a strong interest in SAP and a desire to learn ABAP programming.

    job roles

    Job Roles


    SAP ABAP Developer

    SAP ABAP developers are responsible for developing, testing, and deploying ABAP code for SAP applications. They work with SAP modules and business processes to create custom solutions for their clients.


    SAP Technical Consultant

    SAP technical consultants work with clients to understand their business requirements and design technical solutions using SAP ABAP. They also help clients to implement and manage SAP systems.


    SAP Basis Administrator

    SAP basis administrators are responsible for the technical infrastructure of SAP systems. They install, configure, and maintain SAP systems, and they also troubleshoot problems and provide support to users.


    SAP Project Manager

    SAP project managers are responsible for planning and executing SAP implementation and upgrade projects. They work with a variety of stakeholders, including clients, consultants, and developers, to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.


    SAP Hana Architect

    SAP Hana architects design and build SAP HANA systems. They have a deep understanding of SAP Hana architecture and how to optimize SAP HANA systems for performance.


    SAP Solution Architect

    SAP solution architects work with clients to design and implement SAP solutions that meet their specific business needs. They have a broad understanding of SAP modules and business processes, as well as the latest SAP technologies.

    our faculties

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    Pooja Pandey

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    An Industry-Experienced SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Traine, equipped with extensive knowledge of SAP ERP tools and technologies. With a track record of excellence in guiding and mentoring over 1500+ candidates in SAP ERP. She is having 2+ Experience in SAP ERP HCM Consultant as well as in training.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


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    The widely accepted SAP ABAP Certification in Dehradun certifies a person's proficiency in ABAP programming and its use within the SAP environment. Candidates must typically complete extensive Training and pass a standardized exam that evaluates their understanding of ABAP syntax, data dictionaries, database integration, and SAP development concepts in order to obtain this Certification. A high degree of expertise and proficiency in SAP software modification, development, and maintenance is demonstrated by obtaining SAP ABAP Certification in Dehradun. Whichever SAP ABAP Certification Course you deem appropriate given your daily work schedule is offered by Brillica Services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the main package in ABAP?

    In ABAP, the "Main Package" usually refers to the top-level package where you organize your custom development objects, programs, and components within the SAP system for better management and organization.

    2. Will Python replace ABAP?

    Python is unlikely to replace ABAP in SAP systems entirely. ABAP is integral to SAP, and while Python may complement it for certain tasks, ABAP will continue to be essential for SAP customization and development.

    3. Is SAP ABAP Certification tough?

    The difficulty of SAP ABAP Certification depends on your prior knowledge and experience. It can be challenging due to its depth and breadth, but with proper preparation, it's achievable.

    4. Does ABAP need coding?

    Yes, ABAP requires coding. It is a programming language used for customizing, developing, and maintaining SAP applications, involving writing scripts, programs, and functions to achieve specific functionality.

    5. Is SAP ABAP functional or technical?

    SAP ABAP is primarily a technical skill. It involves programming and development tasks, focusing on the technical aspects of customizing and enhancing SAP software.

    6. What are the benefits of SAP ABAP Certification?

    SAP ABAP Certification offers benefits such as improved job opportunities, higher earning potential, enhanced skills, industry recognition, and increased credibility, which can lead to career advancement and personal satisfaction.

    7. Is SAP ABAP a high-paying job?

    SAP ABAP jobs tend to offer competitive salaries, with high-paying opportunities for experienced professionals due to the specialized nature of the role and the demand for SAP skills.

    8. Can I learn ABAP on my own?

    You can but it is not advisable as it requires professional guidance & practical Training where you can continuously be prompt for what to do & what not to do.

    9. Is SAP ABAP a good career choice?

    Yes, SAP ABAP is a good career choice. It is a highly sought-after skill, and certified professionals are in high demand.

    10. How do I prepare for ABAP Certification?

  • Understand Exam Topics: Review the Certification exam's official topics.
  • Hands-on Practice: Work on practical ABAP projects.
  • Study Materials: Use ABAP books, Online Courses, and documentation.
  • Sample Questions: Practice with sample exam questions.
  • Join Forums: Participate in ABAP forums and communities for insights.
  • Stay Updated: Keep up with SAP updates and best practices.
  • Best SAP ABAP Training in Dehradun with Certification

    2nd & 3rd Floor, Brillica Services, Shimla Bypass Rd, opp. Bank of India, PNB Vihar, Majra, Shewala Kala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001