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    About Course

    The SAP FICO training in Delhi & Noida, whether you do it online or in person, is all about giving you the skills you need to start working in SAP FICO. This training is super important for your career, and you can get a lot out of it. When you get SAP FICO certification in Delhi & Noida, it brings you lots of good things.

  • Increased Career Possibilities Many companies all over the world use SAP to manage their money. When you get certified in SAP, it shows that you're really good at it and makes you a top choice for jobs in finance and accounting at these companies.
  • Increased Earnings Potential People who are certified in SAP FICO usually earn more money than those who aren't, even if they have similar jobs. This is because their special skills and knowledge are highly valued.
  • Worldwide Recognition SAP certifications are known and respected everywhere in the world. This means it's easier to find good job chances in different countries or areas.
  • Skill Validation Getting certified shows that you're really good at using SAP FICO. It tells employers that you can handle money processes well and get things done efficiently.
  • Job security Because companies depend on SAP for money tasks, if you're certified, you're more likely to keep your job and move up in your career.
  • Utilizing SAP resources When you get certified, you can use SAP's big collection of helpful materials like documents, support, and updates. This helps you keep learning and getting better at your skills.
  • Additional Responsibility People who are certified often get important jobs with more duties, like setting up systems, making them work, and giving advice. This makes their career more interesting and fulfilling.
  • Knowing business processes Getting certified helps you really understand how money and control work in organizations. This means you can give good advice and solutions that are really helpful.
  • Opportunities for Consulting Consulting companies often want to hire people who are certified in SAP FICO. They hire them to help organizations use SAP better, which can start a consulting career.
  • Professional Community When you become part of the group of people certified in SAP, you can make friends with others like you, talk about your experiences, and learn from each other.
  • Continuous Education SAP keeps improving its software, so if you want to keep your certification, you might need to keep learning. This way, you stay up-to-date with what's new and what's best in the industry.
  • In simple terms, getting certified in SAP FICO in Delhi & Noida doesn't just prove you're good at financial stuff; it also gives you lots of chances to have a better career, make more money, and grow professionally in the exciting world of SAP and ERP systems.

    Course Curriculum

    1. Course curriculum

    The SAP FICO course in Delhi & Noida teaches you the main money and control parts of SAP ERP. You learn things like how to manage money records, pay bills, and track assets. In control, you see how to check costs, analyze profits, and handle internal orders. They also show how SAP works with other parts like Materials Management and Sales. You learn how to set up SAP, make reports, and follow the money rules. This helps you get really good at managing money in companies. Brillica Services also teaches you how SAP works together with other parts like Materials Management and Sales. You'll discover how to set up SAP, create reports, and follow financial rules. Learn & gather the skills required from Brillica Services which is the best SAP FICO institute in Delhi & Noida.


  • Introduction to ERP and SAP
  • Overview of Full Life Cycle
  • Overview of All Funct1onalModules
  • 3. SAP Overview

  • History of SAP
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Implementation Tools (ASAP and Solution Manager)
  • System Landscape
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Consultant
  • Types of Projects
  • Change Transport System
  • 4. Navigation

  • Logging on to the R/3 System
  • Screen Elements
  • Creating Favorites
  • Adding Transaction to Favorites
  • 5. Enterprise Structure

  • Company code
  • Company
  • Business Area
  • Functional area
  • 6. Financial Accounting

  • Basic Settings
  • Overview of Organizational Elements inAccount1ng
  • Organizational Units
  • Define and Assign Organizational Units for Finance: Ex: - Country, Regions,
  • Company, Company Codes, Business Areas, Functional Areas, etc
  • Variant Principle
  • Fiscal Year and Post1ngPeriods
  • Field Status Variants
  • Document types and Number Ranges
  • Posting Keys
  • Define Tolerance for GL Accounts and Employees
  • Global Parameters
  • 7. General Ledger

  • Master Data Overview
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Types of Chart of Accounts
  • Define and Assign Chart of Accounts,
  • Define Account Groups and Screen Layout for GL Accounts,
  • Define Retained Earnings Account,
  • Creations of GL Accounts Master Records,
  • Postings, Display GL Account Balances and Document
  • 8. Currencies

  • Maintain Exchange Rates Maintain Table
  • Define Translation Ratios for Currency
  • Define Accounts for Exchange Rate Differences
  • Posting with Foreign Currency
  • Define Methods for Foreign Currency Valuation
  • Prepare Automatic Posflng for foreign currency valuation
  • Revaluation of foreign currency balances
  • 9. Accounting Documents

  • Parking Document
  • Holding Document
  • Reference Document
  • Recurring Document
  • Sample Document
  • Account Assignment Model
  • Fast Data Entry
  • 10. Reversals

  • Individual Reversals
  • Mass Reversals
  • Reversals of Reversals
  • Cleared item Reversals
  • 11. Bank Accounting

  • Define House Banks with Bank Accounts
  • Creation of check number ranges for check lot
  • Define void reason codes
  • Issue of a check
  • Manual payment
  • Cancellation of issue check with reason codes
  • Check register
  • Validations and Substitutions
  • Define Validation for posting
  • GL Posting to check Validation
  • 12. Accounts Payables

  • Overview on Procurement Process
  • Overview on Vendor Master Data
  • Define Account Groups with Screen Layout
  • Define Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
  • Reconciliation Accounts
  • GL Account Creation
  • Creation of Vendor Master Records
  • Vendor Document Types and Number Ranges
  • Posting Keys
  • Define Payment Terms
  • Define Tolerance for Vendors/Customers
  • Posting of Purchase Invoices
  • Display Vendor Line Items
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Vendor Clearings
  • Credit Memo Postings
  • Special GL Transactions (Down Payments Made)
  • Posting Down Payments
  • Clearing of Down Payments against invoices
  • Reason Codes for under and over Payment
  • Automatic Payment Program
  • 13. Accounts Receivables

  • Overview on Sales Process
  • Complete Customer Master Data
  • Define Account Groups with the Screen Layouts
  • Create Number Ranges to Customer Accounts
  • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups
  • Reconciliation Accounts
  • Create Customer Master Records
  • Document Types and Number Ranges
  • Posting Keys
  • Payment Terms
  • Posting of Sales Invoices
  • Incoming Receipt with Clearings
  • Display Customer Line Items
  • Display GL Account Balances
  • Special GL Transactions (Down Payments Received)
  • Posting of Down Payments (Advance Receipt)
  • Clearing of Down Payments
  • Customer Credit Memo
  • Dunning Procedure.
  • 14. Management of Account

  • Open Item Management
  • Types of Payments
  • Standard Payment
  • Partial Payment
  • Residual Payment
  • 15. Taxes

  • Tax on Sales &Purchases
  • With Holding Tax (TDS)
  • Country India Version (CIN)
  • 16. Asset Accounting

  • Overview on Asset Accounting
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Organizational Structures
  • Chart of Depreciation
  • Depreciation Areas
  • Account Determination
  • Screen Layout
  • Number Ranges
  • Functions of Asset Classes
  • Creation of GL Accounts
  • Assign GL Accounts
  • Calculation Methods
  • Depreciation Keys
  • Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
  • Asset Master Records
  • Sub Asset Master Records
  • Acquisition of Assets
  • Depreciation Run
  • Retirement of Assets
  • Transfer of Assets
  • Scrapping of Assets
  • Reports on Asset Accounting
  • 17. Cash Journal

  • Cash Journal Configuration
  • Cash Journal Transaction
  • 18. Closing Operations

  • GL Report
  • AR Report
  • AP Reports
  • AM Reports
  • Scheduler Manager
  • 19. Integration with Other Modules

  • FI-MM
  • FI-SD
  • FI-HR

  • General Controlling
  • Integration with FI
  • Budgeting
  • CO Enterprise structure
  • Cost and Revenue Element Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Internal Orders
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Product Costing
  • Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
  • Integration with the Other Modules
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    Project Deliverables


    Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry


    Expense Report Processing


    Cost Center Creation and Allocation


    Profit Center Setup


    Budgeting in SAP


    Asset Acquisition

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Finance and Accounting Professionals Many people who have worked in finance, accounting, or similar areas often want to get certified in SAP FICO in Delhi & Noida to make their skills better and improve their chances for a good career.

    IT Professionals IT experts like consultants, computer programmers, and system managers who deal with SAP systems might get certified in SAP FICO to become specialists and help with financial tasks.

    Consultants SAP consultants, especially those who help set up SAP systems and give advice to clients, think that getting certified is important. It helps them give really good guidance to their clients.

    Enterprise Analysts People who work on improving how a business works and looking at its processes might want to get SAP FICO certified in Delhi & Noida. This helps them learn about and make financial processes in organizations better.

    Recent graduates and students Certain certification programs are available to students and recent graduates who are starting their careers in SAP. These certifications help them stand out and do well in the job market.

    Skilled SAP users People who are already working with SAP systems but want to officially prove they're skilled in SAP FICO can also get certified.

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Audit Manager

    Audit managers use SAP FICO data to assess internal controls, financial accuracy, and compliance with regulations. They ensure that financial processes are audited effectively.


    Treasury Analyst

    Treasury analysts oversee money, keep it flowing smoothly, and watch out for financial risks. SAP FICO knowledge helps in tracking and optimizing cash management processes.


    Business Process Analyst

    Business process analysts focus on streamlining financial processes within an organization using SAP FICO tools and configurations.


    SAP Trainer

    If you have a deep understanding of SAP FICO, you can become a trainer, teaching others how to use SAP FICO effectively.


    Entrepreneur or SAP Consultant

    You can also start your consulting firm, offering SAP FICO consulting services to businesses in need of financial system expertise.


    Financial Accountant

    Financial accountants handle money transactions, make financial reports, and make sure everything follows the money rules. Knowing SAP FICO helps keep money records accurate.

    our faculties

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    Pooja Pandey

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    An Industry-Experienced SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Traine, equipped with extensive knowledge of SAP ERP tools and technologies. With a track record of excellence in guiding and mentoring over 1500+ candidates in SAP ERP. She is having 2+ Experience in SAP ERP HCM Consultant as well as in training.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Yousuf Ahmad

    Yousuf Ahmad


    It was a great experience for me to learn in Brillica services . I liked the way of teaching very easy to understand and also the friendly atmosphere . The course is also structured very well by the sir/Madam .....

    Tushar Bahuguna

    Tushar Bahuguna


    The course was really informative. All the topics were covered in great detail. The faculty was very soft spoken and explained every topic with a lot of examples. Overall a really good experience.....

    Aayush Rawat

    Aayush Rawat


    My overall experience at Brillica was up to the mark. The trainers/teachers are well versed with the topics, and are quite supportive and helpful. Anyone who wants to brush up their basics or enhance their ski....

    Anurag Walia

    Anurag Walia


    Best place to hone up your skills. The way of teaching and guidance that you will get from here will be precious and will help you life long Most recommended centre.....

    Sarul Joshi

    Sarul Joshi


    Wonderful experience at Brillica Services Pvt Ltd…. Got all support from Brillica Staff especially from @pooja mam and @yogendra sir…. ....

    Rajesh Nainwal

    Rajesh Nainwal


    Ms Puja Pandey, who is expertise in SAP and made it easy to understand ...,My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and the time you spent helping me. Thank y....



    Getting certified in SAP FICO in Delhi & Noida is a big deal worldwide. It shows you're really good at using SAP for money management. You learn how to set it up, use it, and make it work best. This certification involves tough training on things like money records, asset tracking, cost control, and financial reports. When you're certified, it makes your career prospects much better. You can find better jobs, earn more money, and become an expert in handling money for businesses. If you want to learn SAP FICO in Delhi & Noida, you can do it online or in person with Brillica Service, and they'll give you a certification. SAP FICO certification in Delhi & Noida proves your skills in SAP's financial tools globally. It means you're great at setting up, using, and improving SAP for money stuff. If you are looking for the best SAP FICO institute in Delhi & Noida then Brillica Services is the best choice for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is SAP FICO is a programming language?

    No, SAP FICO is not a programming language. It's a module within the SAP ERP system focused on financial accounting and controlling processes, not a coding language.

    2. What is the benefit of SAP FICO?

    The benefits of SAP FICO include streamlined financial processes, accurate reporting, compliance with accounting standards, enhanced decision-making through data analysis, and increased job opportunities and earning potential in finance and IT sectors.

    3. Is SAP FICO certification easy?

    If you give it enough time & practice SAP FICO certification is not that tough to get but make sure to implement practical use of SAP FICO.

    4. Can I learn SAP in 2 months?

    Learning SAP in two months can provide a basic understanding, but mastering it typically requires more time and hands-on experience. The duration of learning depends on individual aptitude and goals.

    5. Is SAP and FICO the same?

    No, SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is an enterprise software suite, while FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is a specific module within SAP focused on financial management and control.

    6. Where is FICO used?

    FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is used in various industries and organizations worldwide to manage financial transactions, reporting, and controlling processes, ensuring efficient financial management and compliance.

    7. Is SAP FICO worth learning?

    Yes, learning SAP FICO is valuable for those in finance, accounting, or IT fields. It enhances career prospects, job opportunities, and earning potential, particularly in organizations using SAP.

    8. Is SAP FICO an accounting software?

    No, SAP FICO is not accounting software; it's a module within SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It covers financial accounting and controlling processes within organizations.

    9. What are the skills of SAP FICO?

    SAP FICO skills include financial accounting, controlling, asset accounting, cost accounting, financial reporting, and knowledge of SAP ERP, configuration, compliance, data analysis, and problem-solving in financial processes.

    10. Which institute is best for the SAP FICO course in Delhi & Noida?

    Brillica Services is the best SAP FICO Institute in Delhi & Noida with practical learning experiences that you can gather online & offline as well.

    Best SAP FICO training in Delhi & Noida with Certification

    2nd & 3rd Floor, Brillica Services, Shimla Bypass Rd, opp. Bank of India, PNB Vihar, Majra, Shewala Kala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001