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    About Course

    HR management is extensively covered SAP Successfactors course in Dehradun. You can choose from fundamental to advanced lessons and earn a certification. Talent acquisition, performance management, and other topics are covered in training. Course prerequisites and lengths vary. You can stay up to date with the SAP SuccessFactors training in Dehradun and the certification portal. Your job in HR could benefit from passing these courses. These courses include hiring talent, performance management, and other topics. The qualifications and course length vary. The most recent information is available on the certification portal and SAP Successfactors course in Dehradun.
    People and businesses can thrive at HR tasks like hiring, performance evaluations, and HR fundamentals with the aid of SAP SuccessFactors training in Dehradun. The SAP program fits your abilities and professional objectives whether you learn in person or online. Obtaining a SAP SuccessFactors certification in Dehradun validates your abilities and opens you with a variety of HR employment options.

    Benefits of doing the SAP Successfactors course in Dehradun

    The SAP SuccessFactors training Dehradun program increases employment prospects, promotes income, and hones HR and HCM competencies. Being certified demonstrates expertise and increases your employability. Employers benefit from effective HR, data-driven decisions, and trust in compliance. The advantages of attending the SAP SuccessFactors training in Dehradun at Brillica Services include the following:

  • Career potential: Many businesses worldwide use SAP SuccessFactors. Finding HR and HCM career opportunities, such as administrator, consultant, or analyst roles, can be facilitated by receiving training and certification.
  • Skill development & enhancement Discover how to manage HR duties, hire personnel, assess performance, and more. Learning SuccessFactors helps improve your overall HR skills.
  • Certification Obtaining the SAP SuccessFactors certification in Dehradun will increase your credibility and demonstrate your proficiency to future employers and clients.
  • Lucrative earnings with potential Because they have specialized knowledge and abilities in SAP SuccessFactors, certified professionals typically get more money.
  • Increase work productivity Companies can improve their use of SuccessFactors through training, which streamlines HR processes, lowers errors, and increases effectiveness.
  • Judgment skills in Data-driven work Strong data analysis tools are available through SuccessFactors. Utilizing this data for crucial HR decisions is made easier with training.
  • Adaptability Follow the best practices and stay up to date on SuccessFactors upgrades to be competitive in the rapidly evolving world of HR technology.
  • Contribution in the organization’s achievements When HR teams are adequately taught, they may improve workforce management, which benefits the entire organization.
  • Conformance To ensure that your company complies with HR regulations and industry standards, use SuccessFactors products effectively.
  • Our online and offline SAP Successfactors training in Dehradun might be a useful step whether you are already in your career or looking to enter the SAP market. To help you start your career, we provide you with practical training, cutting-edge materials, and aid in building and maintaining the profile required by the business.

    Course Curriculum

    1. Course Curriculum

    A wide range of HR topics are covered in SAP Successfactors training online in Dehradun. It involves instruction on hiring new talent, managing performance, training and development, paying employees fairly, utilizing essential HR functions, and succession planning. You'll discover how to configure and apply SuccessFactors elements for increased organizational effectiveness. The training emphasizes linking SuccessFactors with other systems as well. You can choose from introductory to advanced courses and earn certification in particular SuccessFactors competencies. It is a comprehensive program for HR consultants and professionals. Numerous HR-related topics are covered in the SAP Successfactors training in Dehradun. It involves instruction on hiring new talent, managing performance, training and development, paying employees fairly, utilizing essential HR functions, and succession planning. You'll discover how to configure and apply SuccessFactors elements for increased organizational effectiveness. The training emphasizes linking SuccessFactors with other systems as well. You can choose from introductory to advanced courses and earn certification in particular SuccessFactors competencies. It is a comprehensive program for HR consultants and professionals.

    2. Employee Central and Time Management Core HCM

  • Introduction to EC
  • Basic provisioning Setup
  • EC Navigation
  • Setup Super Administrator Account and Managing Authorizations.
  • Data models and DTDs
  • Employee Central Structure
  • Data model Management
  • Data model Associations
  • Enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) in instance
  • Business Configuration UI to Maintain Succession Data Model
  • Enable employee central and RBP
  • Update employee details
  • ESS/MSS functionality- tm
  • Understanding security- password, account, and proxy.
  • Managing security with RBP
  • EC as a system of record
  • EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  • Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  • Creating and modifying associations
  • Propagations
  • Importing users and data
  • Mass Changes
  • Customizing employee files
  • Customizing CSF for employee files
  • Position Management
  • Absence Management- tm- overtime, time in lieu, holidays, time
  • Employee Central Reporting
  • EC Payroll Integration
  • MDF Overview
  • MDF Objects creation
  • Generic Objects and Configuration of Generic Objects
  • Customer Specific Foundation Objects.
  • Rules setup.
  • Search of Inactive Employees/users. (Data purge)- How you will delete data in successfactor.
  • Rehire Inactive Employee.
  • Pick list, event reason, overtime, time off in lieu, floating holiday e-mail template, collision grp, and break.
  • Add global assignment and concurrent assignment.
  • 3. Performance and goal management

  • Goal Plans
  • Form Templates
  • Competencies Performance Rating and Permissions
  • Configuration of Performance Management
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Route Maps
  • 4. Recruitment

  • Job Requisition Enablement
  • Advanced Job Requisition Settings
  • Application Template
  • Candidate Management
  • Candidate Profile Template
  • Recruiting Posting
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Setting up Instance
  • Course Highlights

    project based training course

    Certified & Industry Experienced Trainers

    Beginner To Expert-Level Training

    Best-In-Class Training Curriculum

    Online & Offline Training Modes

    Project Deliverables


    Create a new recruiting process


    Configure a new performance management process


    Implement a new compensation and benefits plan


    Create a new learning and development plan


    Configure a new succession and development plan


    Implement a new workforce analytics dashboard

    who can apply

    Who Can Apply?

    Consultants from SAP partners are professionals at configuring and modifying SAP software.

    The maintenance and administration of SAP systems and software within a firm is the responsibility of SAP customer administrators.

    In businesses, HR specialists oversee activities involving the workforce, such as hiring, training, and employee interactions.

    Business analysts examine data and processes to recommend improvements and direct strategic decisions for businesses.

    In order to ensure efficiency, project managers oversee every stage of the project lifecycle, from planning and execution to successful target fulfillment.

    job roles

    Job Roles


    Workforce Analyst

    Use SuccessFactors' analytics tools to analyze workforce data and make data-driven decisions.


    HR Business Partner

    Collaborate with business units to align HR strategies with organizational goals, using SuccessFactors for insights.


    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Utilizing the human acquisition module from SuccessFactors, concentrate on hiring and onboarding.


    Performance Management Specialist

    Manage the performance review and staff development processes.


    Learning and Development Coordinator

    Utilize the SuccessFactors Learning module to manage training and development initiatives


    Compensation Analyst

    Utilize the Compensation module to manage programs for compensation and benefits.

    our faculties

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    Pooja Pandey

    SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Trainer

    An Industry-Experienced SAP ERP HCM Consultant & Traine, equipped with extensive knowledge of SAP ERP tools and technologies. With a track record of excellence in guiding and mentoring over 1500+ candidates in SAP ERP. She is having 2+ Experience in SAP ERP HCM Consultant as well as in training.

    Career Services

    profile building profile building

    profile building

    We help in Creating & growing your professional profile that will make you stand out in the professional world.

    interview preparation

    We conduct multiple mock interview sessions with various tips & tricks that will make you habitual & confident in an interview environment.

    interview preparation interview preparation
    job placement job placement

    job placement

    Our dedicated team continuously works on finding & providing multiple opportunities for the students and provides 100% placement assistance.


    Yousuf Ahmad

    Yousuf Ahmad


    It was a great experience for me to learn in Brillica services . I liked the way of teaching very easy to understand and also the friendly atmosphere . The course is also structured very well by the sir/Madam .....

    Sahil Sharma

    Sahil Sharma


    Staff is really experienced and well trained. Good company for studying data science,python,AI,Machine learning etc.. ....

    Tushar Bahuguna

    Tushar Bahuguna


    Excellent teaching programs and facilities faculty interaction is superb. I personally took one of the training programs and it's too good .... definitely should take one of the programmes. ....

    Sarul Joshi

    Sarul Joshi


    Wonderful experience at Brillica Services Pvt Ltd…. Got all support from Brillica Staff especially from @pooja mam and @yogendra sir…. ....

    Niharika Negi

    Niharika Negi


    My experience at Brillica is very good. The teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive in nature. Thankyou for giving me the platform or opportunity where I can learn something in this pandemic .....

    Rajesh Nainwal

    Rajesh Nainwal


    Ms Puja Pandey, who is expertise in SAP and made it easy to understand ...,My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and the time you spent helping me. Thank y....



    The SAP SuccessFactors certification in Dehradun attests to knowledge of SAP's cloud-based HCM package. It demonstrates proficiency with particular SuccessFactors modules like Employee Central or Recruiting. Deep training, encompassing setup, use, and best practices, is required for certification. Having this certification demonstrates to potential employers and clients that you truly understand SuccessFactors. Additionally, it demonstrates how HR procedures can be enhanced to benefit the organization. High-quality SAP Successfactors training online in Dehradun is also provided by Brillica Services, both online and offline, with class recordings available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are SAP and SAP SuccessFactors the same?

    SAP and SAP SuccessFactors are related but not the same. SAP is a company that provides various software solutions, while SAP SuccessFactors is a specific cloud-based human capital management software offered by SAP.

    2. What is SuccessFactors in HR?

    SuccessFactors in HR refers to SAP SuccessFactors, a cloud-based software suite used for human capital management (HCM) tasks such as recruitment, performance management, and employee development within organizations.

    3. How many modules are in SuccessFactors?

    SuccessFactors offers multiple modules covering various HR functions, including Employee Central, Recruitment, Performance and Goal Management, Learning, Compensation, Succession Planning, Workforce Analytics, and more, for comprehensive human capital management.

    4. What is SuccessFactors used for?

    SuccessFactors is used for managing human capital and HR processes. It aids in talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, workforce analytics, and overall human resource management within organizations.

    5. Which module is best in SAP SuccessFactors?

    The best module in SAP SuccessFactors is the one that meets the specific needs of your organization. However, some of the most popular modules include Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Learning, and Talent Management.

    6. What is the job code in SuccessFactors?

    A job code in SuccessFactors is a unique identifier assigned to a specific job position within an organization. It helps in categorizing and managing job roles and positions effectively.

    7. How long does it take to learn SuccessFactors?

    The time to learn SuccessFactors varies based on the individual's background and the depth of learning desired. Basic proficiency can be achieved in a few weeks, while comprehensive expertise may take a few months.

    8. Which is the easiest module in SAP SuccessFactors?

    The "easiest" module in SAP SuccessFactors depends on an individual's prior knowledge and experience. Employee Central is often considered relatively straightforward for beginners due to its foundational HR functions.

    9. Does Microsoft use SAP SuccessFactors?

    SAP SuccessFactors is indeed used by Microsoft for its human capital management (HCM) requirements. Microsoft's 220,000 workers in more than 100 countries started using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in 2021. SAP SuccessFactors was chosen by Microsoft due to its predefined localization and extensibility features, as well as its compatibility with Microsoft Azure.

    10. Why choose SAP SuccessFactors?

    Choose SAP SuccessFactors for comprehensive cloud-based human capital management, enabling efficient HR processes, talent management, analytics, and integration, helping organizations enhance workforce productivity and achieve their HR goals.

    Best SAP Successfactors course in Dehradun with certification

    2nd & 3rd Floor, Brillica Services, Shimla Bypass Rd, opp. Bank of India, PNB Vihar, Majra, Shewala Kala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001